Monday, June 21, 2010


shane’s drama class had their performances this weekend. the class of 21 k-6th graders has been rehearsing for 2 hours every wednesday, all year. this year’s play was a musical production called STRIKE!, a play written by one of the mothers of kids in the class. it’s similar in subject matter to the disney movie, ‘newsies’. 025 he’s the one on the far left, having his shoes shined in the opening scene.028 later on, same character, an employee of the journal, informing the newsies of the price-hike. 030  and later on, a newspaper photographer accompanying the reporter (his friend, deanna) to report on the strike. sorry the picture is so dark. it was a dark scene and flashes weren’t allowed. besides, he’s wearing a navy suit, so he’s hard to see anyway.

his on stage parts were small because this year, he (and deanna) were also the stage managers, a job he was very excited about and apparently did very well!

proud mama! ;)

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