Thursday, June 24, 2010

sourdough – installment 2!

well, i guess i did it right! today was day 4 since i made my starter. it had bubbled, grown, shrunk, and bubbled some more and was starting to smell more like wine than yeast. my experienced sourdough-making friend angie assured me that this meant that it had ‘soured’ and i could now use it. so i did. i decided to use my bread machine to do the mixing and kneading for me, but i wanted to bake it in the oven. i used the recipe for sourdough in my bread machine instruction book, and then used the baking instructions in a cookbook i have. at any rate, we have success!!!004 i was afraid they were a little too done, but actually, the bread and even the crust is still soft, even though it looks kind of dark.006 we dove right in and holy yumness! i think it could be a little more ‘sour’, so i’m going to leave my replenished starter out a day or two before i ‘put it to sleep’ in the fridge. but as it was, it was wonderful. i tried to take a picture of shane enjoying it, because his piece was bigger, but he decided to be camera shy. layla, however, is NEVER camera shy. 007 i offered micah some bread, but he had other plans…008 009 like getting into the fridge and helping himself to a cucumber. ::sigh::

in completely unrelated news… i managed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of my hat tonight, and came up w/ a FABULOUS stir fry! 005that sort of thing is always quite an accomplishment for me, considering i had no idea what we were having for dinner and was trying to avoid going to the store. i served it over brown rice and it was SO yummy!

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  1. May I please have the recipe for your stir fry? It looks really yummy! And the bread looks beautiful, too, btw, but I'm not ready to try my hand at that yet.



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