Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my vacuum cleaner sucks!

no pun intended…

i’ve had this vacuum cleaner for almost 6 years. i’ve been ready to be done with it for about 5.

i have the dirt devil ‘jaguar’ bagless vacuum. we only paid about $75 for it at target, which, in vacuumcleanerland, is not very much. still, it’s $75. i tried to find a picture of it on the dirt devil website, but apparently, they no longer sell it, which is probably a good thing. so i had to take my own picture, which is probably better anyway. 002

if you think it looks a bit ‘off’, that’s not just the perspective of the picture. it is a bit off. about a year after getting this vacuum, the latch that keeps it standing upright broke. so, any time you want to NOT be holding onto it (as in, any time it’s not in use) it has to lean against something or it will fall over. ANNOYING! but livable. and then, more recently, THIS happened: 003 that’s a picture of the bottom of it,from the back. note the missing wheel. yup. a wheel broke off. so now, when using the vacuum, if you want the sucking part of it to actually touch the floor, you have to continually crank the vacuum to the right with your hand while pushing it back and forth. FUN! it’s not the lightest or most maneuverable vacuum either.

you might recall, a few years back, i wrote a post about my roomba and how much i loved it. well, that was before sophie moved back in and her hair killed it.

what i really want is the dyson animal.

check out this product review video i found. it’s pretty funny and if you grew up in the 80’s in the US, you’ll appreciate the musical selections and ‘other’ sound effects. i wish someone would send ME a dyson to try out!

at any rate, i covet. i know, i know, ‘thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s vacuum cleaner’ and all that. but really, how can you not?

so anyway, if anyone happens to have a spare $550 laying around, float those suckers my way!


  1. After watching an infomercial my husband decided he had to have a Shark! Well, fine but I was not paying some huge price plus shipping so I looked around and found it at Walmart for $189, now of course Costco has it for $159! They compare it to the Dyson because it will not lose suction. My husband actually uses it for his carpet cleaning business. I used it at a big commercial job he had and I think it is a pretty good product. I am happy with it. Maybe you would like to look into it! I cannot believe what a vaccum cost these days!

  2. Too bad about the roomba and the vacuum. We just replaced ours around Christmas with the cheapest thing we could find and I have never been happier. Our floors are a little different though and we have no dog. :) Just 3 disgusting children.

  3. A friend of mine got a Dyson, and yes, I too covet.



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