Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i haven’t posted much lately because i haven’t had anything to post that wasn’t depressing. but, i figured i should put up something.

well, the biggest thing right now is that my dear uncle loren passed away last friday. we knew it was getting to be near the end, but not quite that close. thankfully, my husband planned a trip for the kids and i to go down and visit. i have trouble with that sort of planning thing… i’ll say, ‘yeah, i should do that’ but then have trouble actually pulling the trigger. well, he did it all for me, and basically said, you’re leaving tomorrow and you’re staying with barb. we left on thursday morning, got to their house in vancouver in the afternoon, had a little visit, which was SO nice, and then went on to barb’s. as it turned out, he died the next day. i don’t think anyone expected it to happen that fast, but it’s really a blessing. i think everyone’s prayer was that if the Lord was going to take him, that it happen fast, and he not have to live in pain for a long time. goodness i will miss him, but knowing he is in heaven and cancer-free is a wonderful thing to think about. at any rate, his service is this coming friday, so we’re all going down again. i’m really looking forward to spending time with family again, and sharing memories.

of course, all this might have a monkey wrench thrown in (or a spanner, eh kate?) if my kids and their germs won’t cooperate. 2 of 3 are down right now. shane’s got some sort of bad sore throat/headache/looks like it’s moving toward a cold sort of thing, and micah’s got an ear infection. again. he was in to the dr. a couple weeks ago because he woke up w/ his eye glued shut and it turned out to be, not only conjunctivitis, but also both ears infected. we went in yesterday for a re-check, now that he’s finished his meds, and he’s got another infection in the right ear. lame. doc said it could be an entirely new infection. either way, it needs to go away. he’s very grumpy right now, and hasn’t been sleeping well – guess we know why, now – and i’d really love to have happy micah back.

so far layla’s okay, but i’m holding my breath at this point!

we have some pseudo-house guests right now. i say pseudo, because they’ve got their motor-home parked in our driveway. but we still see plenty of them and the kids are having fun (mostly) playing together. layla calls noah her ‘special friend’. it’s pretty cute.

what else? anything?

i’ve got a couple of new knitting projects going right now. one is a lace shawl that might be proving more complicated than i have the patience to deal with… at least while trying to be social. at this point it seems to be a ‘lock yourself in a room alone’ kind of project. i currently have about 4 rows that i have to take out, so it’s on hold because i’d rather knit than un-knit. so i’ve got some bamboo sock(s) going as well. i’m really enjoying this project. hopefully i’ll have pictures to post of something soon!

oh, and the weather SUCKS! it’s been nothing but gloom and rain for weeks now and nothing too promising in the foreseeable future. like in the 55*-65* range. blech! i’m really ready for it to be summer.


  1. Spanner in the works... love it! Rachel and her Britishisms!

    I hope the kids get well quick Rachel and have as pleasant a trip this Friday as can be!

    Just keep knitting girlfriend!

  2. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Also, kids being sick=big bummer.
    It'll be nice to see finished product for your project! :)



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