Sunday, May 16, 2010

photo-heavy hodge-podge

apparently, i haven’t had a lot to write about lately. i’m bored with posting my meal plans. it might return someday, but right now i kind of cringe when i think of posting another one. anyway, here’s a general hodge-podge of dapelo family life, as it is right now. enjoy!

here’s shane petting an alpaca at the alpaca farm we visited when we were in hillsboro a little while back. alpacas ROCK!


then we have micah, bowling with paint bottles. my kids are nothing, if not creative. what you can’t see in the picture is that he was throwing rain boots at them, in place of a bowling ball.


that same day, layla decided she was going to bob for apples. well, apple, i guess.


using her teeth didn’t work so well, i guess, so she decided to use her feet.


then there’s micah and his creative outfit. i believe what happened is that he got one shirt wet, so i changed it, and then set the other out on the deck to dry. later, he found the shirt and decided to put it back on… i think he’s a little confused about the difference between shirts and pants. he’s got the neck hole around his waist and one leg through a sleeve.


i finally caved and decided that micah could have a buzz-cut. here he is before his first daddy special! (sorry tina. no offense – just trying to be frugal!)


and the first pass of the clipper! i flaked and forgot to take an ‘after’ picture, but it’s REALLY cute and lays down nicely. the way it looks and feels actually reminds me of his newborn hair. so i spend a lot of time rubbing his head.


yesterday was really nice so dave washed the cars. these two helped him. when they ran out of cars to wash, they proceeded to haul toys out of the garage and wash them. good thing, too! that wagon was filthy! you can kind of see micah’s hair in this picture.


and then there’s ‘strange layla’. she was playing with this rubber band and managed to get it hooked on her nose and under her front teeth. no idea. but it was pretty funny.


i’ve been trying to do more stuff myself and buy less prepared stuff… this is part of that. my parents have had this juicer forever and i haven’t seen it in action lately, so i asked if i could borrow it. then i bought a box of oranges from costco and a sieve (i’m a no pulp kinda gal). well, let me say that minute maid has DEFINITELY just lost a customer. OMG! heavenly!


and finally, my friend holly posted this on facebook today and i found it hilarious. the ultimate knitter’s bag! i SO want one of these!


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  1. See this is why it's great to lock down your site! I get to see great pics of your super kids!! Thanks! AND I so want one of those bags too. In fact I NEED two ;)



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