Monday, May 3, 2010

latest project!

so this is a freakin’ miracle! this is a project w/ less than a 1 week turnaround time between when it occurred to me to do it and having it complete and FUNCTIONING! this is SO not me.

at any rate, the dresser that layla and micah have been using is not exactly functional. it’s attractive… but falling apart. meaning that the second drawer fell out every other day if layla pulled it out a little too far, the third drawer completely fell apart and the bottom fell out of it (after about 400 times, we finally just pulled that drawer out), and the bottom drawer was stuck half pulled out. so yeah, not exactly functional. that, and it was only a 4 drawer (actually 3) dresser being shared between 2 kids.

a little less than 4 years ago, less than a week before we moved back here from ohio, we found a dresser on the side of the road. it was posted as FREE, so we grabbed it and threw it in the moving truck. it was not the most attractive dresser, but all of its moving parts were functional. we haven’t used it too much as a dresser. for the last several years, it’s been in the garage, storing tools and other random junk.

about a week ago, i needed a screwdriver, so i went out to get one and realized how ridiculous it was to try and find a toolbox in a dresser. which drawer is it in? then when i found it, i had to open the drawer far enough (w/out pulling it out too far) to get the lid of the toolbox open so i could dig through and find the stinkin’ screwdriver. this novel thought occurred to me: what a ridiculous place to store tools! we have shelves! why don’t we just put them on the shelves!?!

a couple days later, i was cursing the dilapidated dresser and wondering where we could come up with a new dresser for them.

DUH! it suddenly hit me. we have a dresser! so i went out and looked at it again and decided that we should definitely use it.

but it’s ugly.

so i thought, why don’t we paint it? people do that all the time! don’t they mary?

so i mentioned it to dave on… friday?

on sunday morning, he came home from church w/ sandpaper.

on sunday afternoon, we went and bought paint and new knobs.

this morning, i put the final coat of paint on.

this evening, we moved it in!

006 the pink drawers are (obviously) layla’s, and the green drawers are micah’s. i figure, at some point they’ll no longer share a room and layla can have it. i thought it would look kind of cute if we swapped the 2 middle drawers at that point so it’s not so much a his/hers looking dresser, but for now, i like the 2 distinct sides. i chose the colors to match this (and because layla insisted her drawers be pink):Picture 003  remember those? that was february 09.

anyway, i’m super pleased w/ how it turned out AND for my lack of procrastination on this project. seriously, a miracle!

at any rate, now i have a TON of pink and green paint left… i’m sure i’ll come up with something. maybe i’ll copy mary and get the letters of their names to paint and hang up. who knows.

AND, it was SO fun! woohoo!


  1. Good job! It looks cute. :)

  2. Great looking dresser! Great way to recycle that not so pretty furniture! The dresser that you buy today may look pretty but give them a couple of months with the kids and they are totally destroyed. You are not alone, I have so many projects in my head that I want to do but just never get around to it!

  3. Gosh I love the chest of drawers! Great idea with the colors! AWESOME =D



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