Sunday, May 23, 2010

gardening dilemma

the last two years that we have lived in this house, i’ve loved having a garden. although it’s a pain to dig out all the weeds and all that, it’s great exercise, fresh air, a little time and space to think. there’s something about digging in the dirt that puts things in perspective. i love watching little sprouts poke their leaves out of the ground. i love watching nature do what it’s supposed to do. i love that my veggies are free and picked within hours of eating them.

BUT, i’m kind of in limbo this year. this is the time of year when everyone i know is talking about weeding and transplanting and compost and seeds and fresh lettuce and stuff like that, and i’m totally feeling left out.

you see we’re moving. we’re not exactly sure when, and we’re not exactly sure where, but very likely in the next couple of months. at any rate, i’m not going to go to all the work of preparing and planting a garden that i won’t be here to harvest. so i’m frustrated at not having a garden this year, not having veggies that i raised myself, not having the experience this year of digging and weeding and planting and watering and all that.

i am ‘stealing’ some of my strawberry plants. i’ve been digging them out and transplanting them into pots that i can take with me. i need more pots now.  i know i’ll be able to snag some of my dad’s beans and tomatoes, and cabbages perhaps, but it’s just not the same.

anyway, i can’t wait to get wherever we’re going and get started on what will be a GREAT garden next year.


  1. Feel free to come dig up mine ;) I actually am feeling the same way! It was so much work for little or no return last year and this will be our last year in this house as we plan on moving this time next year! So my dilema too is to plant or not to plant?! I think I am just going to focus on planting annuals this year and enjoy the blooms rather than break my back and spend a stack on water for no veggie loot in return! BUT if you want to come dig... feel free ;) OR just come and look at my flowers and enjoy a cuppa =D

  2. I've got a lot of those big black pots you get from the nursery when you buy a plant or a tree. If you still need pots you can use those. I'll take them back when you're done with them, but I don't need them back anytime soon. let me know.



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