Friday, April 16, 2010

the saga of micah and the never-ending mystery fever…. installment 1

my little guy has been plagued since wednesday, with this crazy fever that just keeps going up and down. my first clue should have been the 5am wake up on wednesday morning, and what sounded like some slight sniffles.

layla had an appointment that morning to have her hearing tested, and i had arranged for micah to hang w/ my friend lindsey. he seemed kind of quiet and sleepy when i dropped him off, but i assumed that was due to a combination of being a little sleepy from getting up so early, and being in a strange place.

when i came back to get him, just over  an hour later, he was passed out on the floor of the livingroom, in a pile of toy trains. interesting.

we took layla to preschool and then came home, at which time, micah asked to watch phineas and ferb. so i turned it on and he lay, comatose, for the next half hour on the pooh couch. it was at this point that it occurred to me to take his temperature (duh!) and at 102.6, i gave up on my slow-poke thermometer and just went for the tylenol (and my IM window to apologize to lindsey!).

when he went to bed that night it was at 103.0, and reached that again later yesterday afternoon. that’s when i called the dr. to see if the thought they should see him. they said no. not until saturday, or it goes up to 105, do they need to see him.

UGH! this is so frustrating because he doesn’t seem to have any other obvious symptoms, which kind of makes me afraid he might have an ear infection or strep throat or something. he doesn’t complain about anything specific, but just kind of squirms and moans when the fever is up.

when it’s down, of course (via the tylenol rally), he’s playing baseball, playdough, jumping on the trampoline, asking for ice cream, etc…

i was so excited this morning when he woke up and seemed cool. i took his temperature and it was normal, even though he was very whiney. he eventually perked up, and his fever seemed to be gone! finally!

and then about an hour ago, i noticed he looked like this:001

and we’re back at 102.6. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow AM, he’s either better or at the dr. the momma bear thing is kicking in in a BIG way.


  1. those cheeks are crazy! poor little guy. :(

  2. Poor Micah! You can just feel his ickiness by looking at that sweet face. I hope you have seen the end of it. *hugs*

  3. do you have an "installment 2"?



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