Tuesday, April 6, 2010

meal plan monday-ish…

so i’m late. boo hoo.

  • monday: scrambled eggs w/ leftover ham and cheese; english muffins
  • tuesday: burgers; carrot sticks
  • wednesday: roast beef; potatoes; veggies
  • thursday: chicken of some sort……
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: french dips; salad
  • sunday: waffles; sausage

i’ve already done a little bit of shopping, but need to finish up. don’t need much though, because i already have a lot of stuff – ground beef, buns, carrots, roast, potatoes, veggies, hoagie rolls… love costco shopping! just need to pick up some chicken (and whatever i decide to have w/ it), some salad stuff, buttermilk, and sausages. shouldn’t be too bad!

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