Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter weirdness

so it’s 9:39pm and we’ve just (sort of) finished our easter celebration. what a wacko day. what a wacko weekend. it does not feel so much like easter.

to start, we’re all tired. we had a great little overnight trip south to visit kat and cole, and to celebrate cole’s 40th. kat had a surprise party planned for him. it was totally fun, the kids were just running crazy all day long and having so much fun together, the guys went on some bike rides, etc. etc. we got home last night at around 9, and i had to head straight out to target to get some easter surprises or the kids were going to have empty baskets. yes, that’s waiting til the last minute. i tried to do it yesterday morning, but after spending an hour in walmart and getting everything sorted out and at the checkout, i discovered that my debit card was not in my wallet and i had no way to pay for anything. POO! so i frantically shopped last night, then had to get gas, then had to hit the grocery store.

this morning everyone was still tired, but the kids had fun w/ their easter ‘sbackets’ and we somehow or other made it to church, only a little late.

it was during church that i realized that there was something wrong w/ layla. she was very quiet and not really herself. when dave took her and micah to the nursery to play, she just sat on his lap and cuddled. she said her throat hurt. as the service went on, her cheeks got redder and redder and she got quieter and quieter.

at any rate, it looks like she’s wound up with what shane had last week.

my parents were planning to come over here for dinner, but we were kind of in limbo, waiting to see how she was. well, she took her motrin and rallied, so we decided to go ahead w/ dinner, which at that point was going to be very late. i took a walk w/ shane and micah and micah fell asleep. so he took a nap at about 6 and slept for an hour. needless to say, he’s still running around w/ no sign of going to bed EVER. we ate at about 7:15 and i didn’t think shane was going to make it through dessert. i don’t know what happened to him, but he was suddenly very tired and went to bed right after dinner. he says he feels fine, just tired. but he’s sounded sniffly and sneezy all day, so i think he’s got a cold, and my vomit paranoia is kicking in a little too, even though he said his stomach is fine. layla is currently passed out w/ daddy on the couch, and my parents are still here.

so anyway, it just hasn’t really felt like easter all day. i’m tired, i feel worn down. i’m worried about my kids, even though i know it’s just general whatever sickness… still, it’s a mom thing. we worry. we didn’t even do an easter egg hunt. i kind of want a do over.

but you know what? it doesn’t matter how i feel. it doesn’t matter if dinner was late, if egg hunts didn’t happen, if people aren’t feeling well. it doesn’t have to feel like easter. it’s still easter. Jesus still died for me and everyone else. he still defeated death and the devil and still lives again, so that i can too.

pretty awesome, huh?

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  1. well, if it makes you feel any better my kids are still having easter egg hunts. It may last awhile. Lily likes to hide them and the others like to find them so I figure no harm no foul. I am finding them in strange places though. :) Like you said, Easter isn't about the egg hunts so why limit it to that day?? :)



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