Tuesday, March 9, 2010

way too much fun at the doctor’s office!

so today we went to the doctor for layla’s 4 year old and micah’s 2 year old well checks. yeah, i know how old they are, but i have a valid excuse.
swine flu.
okay, not really. it’s just that the thought of taking healthy children to a pediatrician’s office between the months of october and may seems REALLY STUPID!!! i mean, really i’d rather take them in the summer when the only reason kids are at the doctor is for camp or sports physicals or treatment for poison ivy, sunburn, or playground injuries.
BUT, i realized that this was getting ridiculous. so i bit the bullet and made them an appointment.
we got there early. yes, ME! with children. perhaps the earth reversed it’s rotation today or something, but we arrived early for our appointment. this ensured ample playtime in the germ-infested waiting room. ample opportunity to plaster ourselves to the large glass fish tank and determine which of the two clownfish was nemo and which was nemo’s daddy and ponder the whereabouts of a seemingly absent dory. ample time to get into a fight with twin 5 year old boys over one of those ‘beads on wires’ toys that no doctor’s office would be complete w/out. ample time to write our name 500 times on the chalk board table.
it was during this period of the WAITING, that a little girl came over and sat down next to layla at the table and began to draw also. it was about 5 minutes later that a nurse walked over to her father with a prescription and the instructions that she would have to stay home from school for at least 2 more days, or whenever the fever had been absent for at least 24 hours. ::sigh::
we finally got called back.
there’s something about sitting in a small, enclosed room with nothing but a bench, an exam table, a sink and a spinny stool that causes me to feel like i’m in the zoo. you know. like there’s people on the other side of the windows watching us. i’m the mother (pick your favorite primate here) and 2 of my offspring are bouncing and climbing and spinning around until they fall off and opening drawers and exploring child-locks, and making faces in the mirror and throwing tattered books and magazines on the floor and finding pens and poking holes in the paper.
then they ask us all the questions to which you answer YES, regardless of the real answer.
they poke and prod and wiggle and shine lights in orifices and say aaahhhh…
and then they say that the PA will be back in in a minute to give them their immunizations.
half an hour later…
micah got 3.
layla got 4.
they got tylenol.
i needed a drink.

1 comment:

  1. All done and dusted for another year or so...
    Those shots hurt Mom more than the kids I think!
    HUGS to you and HUGS to your healthy yet holey ones ;)



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