Friday, March 19, 2010

super-colossal meal plan… thursday?

okay, so yeah, this week has been kinda crazy. and i know it’s actually friday now when i’m posting this, but i made it yesterday and therefore i will be including thursday on the list (ya know, cuz it looks more impressive that way) so therefore, it is meal plan thursday. deal.

if you read last week’s meal plan, you know that we went to portland (hillsboro, actually. although we went through portland and dave went to a basketball game there) last weekend. my original thought was that we would get up early on monday morning and drive home in time for layla and i to be at preschool by 12:15. HA! that was a stupid, STUPID idea. so anyway, we didn’t. we got up all early and stuff and then decided we were idiots, so dave went back to bed and i drank like 4 cups of coffee and visited w/ my cousins some more and shane played like 14 more hours of SIMS w/ elsa.

at any rate, we had to leave eventually, because we had a dinner guest coming sometime around 5:30. yeah, i know. WTH??? i never said we were good at planning… so we get home somewhere around 4:15, and because i’d ended the previous week’s meal plan w/ us leaving town, and had been home for 4.2 seconds of this week so far, there was NO food in the house to prepare. so off i go to the store and pick up stuff to make waffles. so we had a good visit w/ jenna, ate some yummy waffles, etc. advance token to tuesday.

i finished up monday night w/ the HEADACHE FROM HELL and managed to hang onto it all the way until wednesday… so the whole shopping/planning thing didn’t happen so much on tuesday.  my super sweet husband picked up some AWESOMELY healthy stuff at the store on his way home from work, cooked, and fed the kids while i slept on the couch. yay! free pass! advance token to wednesday.

at some point on wednesday, the HFH (see above) decided to take a hike (praise God!) so i knew i was probably out of excuses, until dave IM’s me at some point in the day and asks, “are we going to church tonight?” YES! so i, of course replied, “yes, we probably should because we need to worship God we have NO food.” i love lenten mid-week services. phew! crisis avoided, advance token to thursday.

i made a list. not a shopping list, a to-do list. on it, was ‘make shopping list’ and ‘go grocery shopping’ (dun, dun, DUNNNNNNN), and ‘costco’. and guess what! i got to cross all those off of it! micah and i had a spectacular time while layla was at preschool. i also decided, that, given it was thursday, and i’d been so pathetic this week, and i really didn’t want to have to go through all of this again in like 3 days, i should just plan the rest of this week, and next week too! so i did. so here’s my really long and impressive MEAL PLAN THURSDAY!

  • thursday: hamburgers; raw veggies; tots
  • friday: duh! pizza; green beans
  • saturday: roast beef! baked potatoes; salad
  • sunday: chicken; rice; peas & carrots
  • monday: french dips! chips; salad
  • tuesday: chicken caesar salads
  • wednesday: CHURCH!
  • thursday: bacon-potato chowder; sourdough
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: tacos

so, total, i spent about $200 between costco and qfc… and that included super-ginormous box O pull-ups, and a bunch of rat traps.

so i’m happy. i’m free! advance token to sometime so far in the future it’s not worth worrying about yet! ;)

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