Thursday, March 11, 2010

monthly progress report - february

i’m a little late on this one, but here’s the next installment of my bucket list progress:
    1. spin my own yarn – nothing further to report
    2. spend more time in nature. – with the weather imroving, i’m definitely getting outside more, but i think actual progress here will involve planning – yuck.
    3. read all of jane austen’s books. – on the advice of a friend, i checked out persuasion from the library. i’m like 4 chapters in and, although i’ve enjoyed what i’ve read so far, i’ve not picked it up in a week. darn book ADD! i have like 3 others i’m also reading and fiction always gets lowest priority. boo.
    4. can my own veggies/fruits – obviously, no, but i did spend some time starting in on getting the garden ready.
    5. acquire a sewing machine – nothing here.
    6. re-learn to play the piano – no, but i mentioned it to my mom. does that count for something?
    7. exercise regularly (more days of the week than not – really!) – still doing well here. not quite as well as last month, but i’d say 4 out of 7. i’d like that number to go back up.
    8. finish reading the entire bible – still chugging away. but i need to be more consistent (duh-story of my life). i’m in judges and 1 corinthians now.
    9. make an effort to spend time individually with each of my children – hmmm… well, layla is back at her preschool and it’s a co-op, so every monday, the boys get ditched and she and i go do that (of course, she prefers the days i DON’T go!) this leaves me w/ only micah on 2 other afternoons, but he naps during that time. it’s still kind of fun to just have him. shane is hard to pin down. i’m thinking of trying to institute a weekly ‘coffee date’ w/ him (obviously not coffee for him – maybe it should be ‘hot beverages’ – to quote lindsey meyer) ;) dave and i have also embraced an idea that whenever you leave the house to run an errand or whatever, take 1 kid with you… attempting to rotate which one that is. the little ones love this… but like i said, pinning shane down is tough. i REALLY need to concentrate on improving things there.
    10. mellow out philosophically (if you don’t know what that means, just read a few of my posts and you’ll likely find some crazed post where i’m ranting about my strong disagreement about something generally accepted by the status quo) – HA! well, i’m still kind of all over the place, but i’m trying to focus on what is behind my opinions and rants and to make sure that whatever it is, it’s delivered in LOVE. if not, then i’m just spouting hot air and will likely hurt someone, rather than influencing them toward good.
    11. beat myself up less (again, just read a few posts) – well. hmmm. yeah, i think i’m doing okay here. not wonderful, but i still deal w/ a lot of THE GUILT and feel kind of crappy about all the stuff i need to do but don’t and how cluttered my house is and all that. BUT at the same time, i’m trying to come to terms with who i am and the way i operate (not to excuse stuff like that – just to explain it) and will hopefully be able to find ways around my personal challenges. wow. that was a lot of psychobabble and will likely result in nothing, but it sounds good! ;)
    12. take better care of the dog. she’s 13 now and i need to make the most of the years i have left with her. (okay, this one is making me a little teary) – well, a little better this month. improved weather has resulted in more opportunities for walks, i also gave her a MUCH needed bath and bought a furminator. so, she looks good, if nothing else!
    13. get my reading glasses – YES! in fact i’m wearing them right now!
    14. spend more time with my mom – well, the knitting challenges are still helping in this area, as well as the fact that i’ve ‘given shane back to her’ for half of his schooling. i do math, science and bible, she does social studies and all the language arts stuff that he HATES (insert maniacal laughter here). at any rate, it means that i’m doing a lot of dropping off and/or picking up and therefore wind up at her house a lot.
    15. be less boring – whatever. i have no idea what this means, but given that i now feel like i live in my car, i wouldn’t know what i could possibly do that would be less boring. oh well.
    16. attend as many MOMS club events as possible – yeah, not so much. between sick kids, preschool, sick hubby, neglected responsibilities at home, etc., etc… my participation has been minimal, including s&b! that makes me sad. boo.
    17. make most of my gifts (stole that one) – yeah, not so much. the only gifts i’ve had to give lately were little girl birthday gifts, not that that’s an excuse. maybe this was a bad goal.
    18. create a will – still no.
    19. be more philanthropic – well, probably not. i did write letters to our compassion kids, something i’ve been bad about in the past. one of our kids is a great artist and i totally look forward to his drawings.
    20. go on 10 dates with my husband – still just the 2. BOO!

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