Monday, February 1, 2010

monthly progress report – january

i made my bucket list for the year, and i want to do a monthly post, tracking my progress. this way i’ll be aware of the things i’m procrastinating on instead of pushing them out of my head until november, when i realize i’ve only got a month to do everything! so here’s the first installment:

  1. spin my own yarn – nothing too exciting to report, but i do have a couple of leads on people who own spinning wheels and they are aware of my desire to learn.
  2. spend more time in nature. – also, not too much to report, but dave and i are trying to incorporate lengthy walks into our exercise regimine.
  3. read all of jane austen’s books. – nothing really. i’ve got a copy of ‘sense and sensibility’ in the car that i pick up every couple of weeks when i’m waiting for shane, but that’s not really reading it.
  4. can my own veggies/fruits – i figure i’ll get around to this when there’s something growing!
  5. acquire a sewing machine - nope
  6. re-learn to play the piano -nope
  7. exercise regularly (more days of the week than not – really!) – YES! really! so far, so good. need to maintain this!
  8. finish reading the entire bible –still plugging away. done w/ the first 5 of the OT, as well as matthew, mark, acts, and romans. in joshua and luke right now, as well as reading a psalm and a proverb every day. on psalm 98 right now.
  9. make an effort to spend time individually with each of my children – not so much specific… need to work on this.
  10. mellow out philosophically (if you don’t know what that means, just read a few of my posts and you’ll likely find some crazed post where i’m ranting about my strong disagreement about something generally accepted by the status quo) – this is kind of an ambiguous goal… but i haven’t done any major ranting lately (other than my food post) so i guess i’m doing okay with this.
  11. beat myself up less (again, just read a few posts) – can’t think of any major self-beating episodes recently… ;)
  12. take better care of the dog. she’s 13 now and i need to make the most of the years i have left with her. (okay, this one is making me a little teary) – other than one big long walk, i don’t have much to report. pathetic.
  13. get my reading glasses – well, yes, and then no. went to costco, picked them out, ordered them, and then discovered that costco isn’t covered by our optical insurance, so i had to call and cancel them. still looking for a time i can get back to the optician at the eye dr. to pick some out there. :(
  14. spend more time with my mom – well, this isn’t turning out the way i thought it would, but i’ve definitely seen a lot of her lately! i taught her to knit, she totally got addicted, started a big project, and keeps getting herself in situations she needs me to get her out of. so i’ve seen A LOT of her recently!
  15. be less boring – another ambiguous one… perhaps i should define what would constitute ‘less boring’ in order to know if i’m making any progress…
  16. attend as many MOMS club events as possible – doing pretty good here. i made it to the january business meeting, craft club, and a playgroup. and i went to all but one monday night S&B.
  17. make most of my gifts (stole that one) – haven’t had to give any gifts in january… well, other than dave’s birthday present, which i did make.
  18. create a will – yeah, not so much.
  19. be more philanthropic – nothing to report.
  20. go on 10 dates with my husband – been on 2 so far! ;)


  1. Great job on the going out! It can be so hard. Joe and I made it out once in January and I think that once a month is going to be the max for us. :( Hopefully we will make it out for our anniversary sometime this month. I should do the monthly eval for my ginormous list of things I want to do but I think that I would get too depressed at the lack of progress.

  2. Hey Rachel

    Regarding Austen: Try starting with Persuasion. It is my favorite of her books. I think it is her most "mature" work, it is definitely the shortest and it will get you motivated to read in the time period! :) That is a friendly tip from a lover of the classics!:-)


  3. You are doing good. This is a BIG list and very ambitious, but I admire it! way to go!



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