Monday, February 8, 2010

meal… achoo! plan… achoo! monday… AAACCCHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

something got into me on saturday evening… actually, i think it’s just because we were out of milk and SOMEONE had to go to the store. the kids were behaving like baboons on crack, so i graciously volunteered to run to the store for the milk. i decided that, since i was going, i ought to pick up a few other things and wound up planning my whole week’s menu right then. so at any rate, i wound up getting ALL the shopping done that night!!!! woohooo! and let me tell you, i’m SO glad today because somehow i managed to run into SOMETHING that i’m VERY allergic to and have been violently sneezing, dripping and sniffling all day long. SHOPPING is not something i would be very excited about right now.

i got kind of lucky budget-wise too, since i have a meal that’s hanging over from last week. i planned pizza for friday and already had the pizza in the fridge (papa murphy’s), but forgot that we would be eating pizza at a birthday party that night anyway. so we saved it, and figured we’d have it for lunch or something on sunday, but wound up shopping in north bend on saturday afternoon (nike outlet – finally got some new shoes!) and didn’t get back in time to put the baked potatoes in, so we had the pizza then. at any rate, all the groceries came to just over $87. NICE!


  • monday: baked potatoes; salad
  • tuesday: white chicken chili; sourdough (have frozen from last time)
  • wednesday: tater tot casserole (did you catch that big sale on ground turkey at safeway? 2.99 for 20 oz. not bad!) – think i’ll make 2!
  • thursday: french dips; carrots/celery; chips
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: tacos
  • sunday: french toast; sausage

oh yeah, the french toast is carried over from last week too. we were at my parents’ for super bowl yesterday, and they fed us too!

AND, speaking of my parents, my mom is having gall bladder surgery tomorrow, so keep her in your prayers, please!

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