Friday, January 8, 2010

revisiting the 2010 bucket list

a month or so ago, i posted the beginnings of my ‘to-do’ list for 2010. i’m totally stealing this from kate and debbie, but it’s a good idea.  i had a good start of 6 items… but i know there’s way more i want to add to it.

  1. spin my own yarn
  2. spend more time in nature.
  3. read all of jane austen’s books.
  4. can my own veggies/fruits
  5. acquire a sewing machine
  6. re-learn to play the piano
  7. exercise regularly (more days of the week than not – really!)
  8. finish reading the entire bible
  9. make an effort to spend time individually with each of my children
  10. mellow out philosophically (if you don’t know what that means, just read a few of my posts and you’ll likely find some crazed post where i’m ranting about my strong disagreement about something generally accepted by the status quo)
  11. beat myself up less (again, just read a few posts)
  12. take better care of the dog. she’s 13 now and i need to make the most of the years i have left with her. (okay, this one is making me a little teary)
  13. get my reading glasses
  14. spend more time with my mom
  15. be less boring
  16. attend as many MOMS club events as possible
  17. make most of my gifts (stole that one)
  18. create a will
  19. be more philanthropic
  20. go on 10 dates with my husband

that’s probably enough… maybe too many, but i’ve got a year to do it. wish me luck! will post on my progress.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! All worthy to go on a list every year. I should do one too. :)



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