Wednesday, December 29, 2010

second round of snow

here we go again! another snow storm, followed by another good freeze. fortunately, this snow was decent for packing, and w/ mommy and daddy’s help, we got a snowman!180

Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas morning

a little glimpse at our christmas morning.036040046043082086089094099111114116131134129137138142145147150

Sunday, December 5, 2010

state semi-finals

the weekend after thanksgiving was the state-semi finals of the soccer tournament. so we loaded up and headed south to vancouver. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual soccer games, because we had a guy who was doing that (and a much better job than I could do from the stands) and because I was too busy cheering and freezing on the sidelines. it was cold and very windy, but here’s the recap: they played two games on saturday and won both of them. they played the final game (to determine who would go on to the championship game) on sunday and lost. there was a bit of controversy surrounding the ref and some calls, but they played a good game and came up short.

but we had loads of fun anyway… my kids think going to a hotel is the greatest thing EVER. 005012013014015

especially if there’s a swimming pool.027030

we were short a bed in our room, so we took the cushions from the hide-a-bed and made a little one for micah.004056055

we spent one evening at a place called big al’s. it was crazy. sports bar meets bowling alley meets arcade meets restaurant meets chuck e. cheese. NUTS!! it was also during the broadcast of the apple cup (UW vs. WSU) and the huskies and cougars in our group were QUITE entertaining… as were the crazy prizes the boys kept bringing back from the arcade.037033043036044049045

Sunday, November 28, 2010

thanksgiving trip to CA

we decided to take a QUICK trip to EG over thanksgiving weekend. we weren’t so much going FOR thanksgiving, as we were taking advantage of the long weekend. thanksgiving was just an added bonus. the real reason we were going was to get to meet amy’s new baby finnigan (who BARELY complied, making his arrival just the day before). BUT, we got an extra BONUS baby, too! dave got a text early thanksgiving morning, as we were just driving into california, that anthony and chalane’s baby, abigail, had decided to show up a month early. we appreciated her courtesy! ;)

micah and layla were tired after our all-night drive, and passed out together mid-afternoon, waiting for dinner.048

we brought mario kart with us… so there was much of this:050

the day after thanksgiving, gramma and papa treated us to a ride on ‘the polar express’ (which, I bet you didn’t know, runs out of sacramento)! it was loads of fun. everyone was supposed to wear pajamas, but the only one of our group who complied was micah. oh well. there were loads of cute pajamas there. some were obviously custom-made for familes for the occasion. this time a REAL STEAM ENGINE pulled the train (I was so excited!). the cars were all decorated christmas-like, there were waiters in white coats and hats, the ghost/hobo guy, dancing hot chocolate servers, ACTUAL hot chocolate (which was very thick and rich, and ALMOST tasted like melted chocolate bars), elves, and, of course, santa claus. he came on board (much to layla’s displeasure – she is still TERRIFIED of santa claus) and handed out bells to all the kids on the train.052056055073071079

micah with his godmother amy, and baby finn.081

getting a baby fix with this tiny one, abby.083

we spent quite a bit of time at the hughes house, and micah spent a good share of time watching (and pestering darrel about) the trains!084088

and of course, no trip to california would be complete without a double-double, no tomato, w/ grilled onions.


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