Monday, November 23, 2009

meal plan monday!

two weeks in a row and here we go!

  • monday: beef-barley soup; sourdough
  • tuesday: chicken; beans and rice; salad
  • wednesday: tater tot casserole
  • thursday: thanksgiving!!!
  • friday: pizza; green beans (duh)
  • saturday: leftovers
  • sunday: scrambles; toast

there you have it. i’m using the left-over yummy pot roast from last week for my soup tonight. OMG, it was SO good. i made the best gravy EVER with it too. some of that might find it’s way into the soup as well… okay, i’ll stop. i know everyone (myself included) is gaining weight just reading this!

i mentioned last week about husbands being super helpful in the inspiration department… well, mine came through for me this week. NOT. when i asked him if there was anything in particular he was craving this week, he responded with, “turkey.”

yeah… what a turkey.

1 comment:

  1. HA HA Turkey...well I guess he was just being honest!



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