Monday, August 10, 2009


i LOVE the various words and pronunciations kids come up with when they’re learning how to talk. i also LOVE how those words find their way into the family’s vernacular, and years later, everyone is still saying them.  for the rest of my life, i won’t be able to make skabetti or use the washing shamine without thinking of shane. and when i read about emmy abizaleth in a clifford book, i’ll think of layla.

well now we have nonnies, AKA bananas! micah loves them, so they come up in conversation regularly. he has fun little sentences too: nonnie spill (if he drops it); nonnie done (when he finishes); nonnie peel (also when he’s done because it means he wants to give me the peel). so cute.

i admit this a little sheepishly, but the reason i think this one will find a permanent place in family isms, is because we play a lot of mario kart lately. yes, my name is rachel, i am anti-sit-on-your-butt-and-stare-at-a-screen entertainment, and i LOVE mario kart. there, i admitted it.

anyway, anytime micah sees a banana in a race (which if you know mario kart, you know this is frequent) he points and yells “NONNIE!” he gets especially excited if someone gets the 3 bananas that follow them around.


yup, nonnies. super cute. thanks micah!

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  1. Joey's word is sushish (sandwich), Joel's is grabage (garbage). Mackenzie doesn't have any because I swear that girl was born pronouncing everything, including German better than me!



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