Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my mind is blank…

i’ve been really bad about blogging lately. i really don’t feel like i have anything interesting to say.

we haven’t been anywhere lately.

no one has been sick or hurt themselves lately.

no one has visited us.

i’m still working on my mom’s shawl, but it isn’t done yet.

really. it’s pathetic. i think we need to take this as a hint and plan to do something exciting sometime soon.

we’re kind of winding down and getting ‘mentally prepared’ for the school year. shane’s curriculum for the year is here and all loaded onto the computer, just waiting for him to start figuring it out (me too). i’ve got stuff floating around in my head about what sort of stuff i want to do with layla this year. it’s still preschool, so i have a very laid back attitude about it. fortunately, she thinks that ‘schoolwork’ and anything that seems to have an academic twist to it is SUPER cool, so there will be no struggle with her about that sort of thing, like there always has been with shane. i think the biggest thing i need to do is figure out what our daily schedule is going to look like, so i can start plugging things into it and make sure we have time for everything.

shane, for sure, is going to be very busy… at least until soccer ends in december. even after. besides his daily schoolwork and chores, he’ll have a couple of classes on monday and wednesday afternoons at leota jr. high with homeschool network. he’ll have the ymca program on fridays (hopefully in the morning this year), piano lessons on fridays (plus daily practicing), 2 hour soccer practices twice a week, plus games on saturdays. goodness! i was thinking of trying to convince him to get back into scouts this year, but don’t really think that would be possible anyway.

so yeah, here we go!


  1. PHEW! What a work load. Good luck. You are such a good mom!

  2. That sounds like a ton of work, but the end result justifies the means! I wouldn't touch homeschooling with a 10 foot pole - I need 'me-time' and I think I might slack more than the kids and they'd never learn anything!

  3. Once the school year starts up you will have plenty of things to blog about but no time to blog! Whatever will you do?? :)



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