Thursday, August 20, 2009

blessed with good oral health!

well, i made it another 6 months with no cavities!

i had a dentist appointment today. my second in six months, but prior to that, i don’t think i’d been in 4+ years. oops.

i was much less nervous for this appointment than i was for the last one. last time i figured my luck had run out and because i’d been bad about seeing the dentist, this time i’d really ‘pay’ for it. but no. other than a little excessive scraping of tartar (4 years’ worth), everything was fine.

around the time i turned 20, i pretty much assumed, every time i went to the dentist, that this was finally my time for a cavity. i mean, how long really, can one person go without ANY cavities? well, now i’m kind of over that and figure that maybe my teeth are just impenetrable or something. at any rate, every time the dentist comes in at the end of my cleaning, pokes around for a minute and tells me my teeth look great, i breathe a sigh of relief and feel tremendous gratitude for my good teeth.

the no cavities thing is only the beginning of it too.

i have all 4 of my wisdom teeth. they’re fine, straight, and healthy. i may be only 5’1, but i’ve apparently got a big mouth! i’m one of the few people out there that actually has 32 teeth in my mouth!

i never had to have braces or any sort of orthodontic work done. no, my teeth aren’t perfectly straight or anything, but my bite is good, and everything is where it’s supposed to be.

i had a couple of sensitive spots on a couple of my molars a few years ago, but after switching to ‘sensitive’ toothpaste and a battery powered brush, the problem seems to have gone away. (seems i brush too hard when doing it manually.)

the only bad mark on my dental record is a little incident i had when i was in second grade and fell flat on my face on the cement with my hands in my pockets and chipped my two front teeth. well, chipped one, basically broke the other in half. so they are capped and i’ve had to have those caps replaced a couple of times, but that’s about it.

and i need to floss more. :(

but really, i’ve been very blessed, and i’m always reminded of that when i hear other people talking about fillings or crowns or root canals or braces or whatever else they have to deal with. i sure hope it continues!

oh, and if anyone around here doesn’t have a dentist (or one they like), look up gary jarrett in redmond. he’s the only dentist i’ve ever gone to and LOVE him. he’s absolutely the nicest, most gentle man you could ever hope to have poking around in your mouth!


  1. lucky lady :)just about anything that could need to be done to teeth has been done to mine - sigh.

  2. Good for you. Did you call the eye dr yet?

  3. I always have cavities. I have bad genes. :( WAY TO GO on your oral care.
    Flossing stinks!

  4. You remind me of someone else I know. No, not me. I wish! And I've been bad about the dentist ever since I moved away. I was just WAY to comfortable with my Redmond dentist. The one I was seeing in Everett wasn't bad, but now I've got to go through the whole finding process again, and I admit it, I'm a scardey-cat!



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