Wednesday, July 8, 2009

too young for pms?

i’m sure in a couple of years, the main character in all my posts will be micah, but for now, the squeaky wheel gets the oil… or at least the most blog space.

layla is, once again, driving me insane.

i swear the girl has pms! i realize she’s not exactly ‘of that age’, but it’s like she goes through these ‘cycles’. there are times when she’s perfectly normal and delightful and obedient and happy! and then there’s times like this. she cries about everything, she whines, can’t listen or obey anything, throws fall down tantrums, argues about everything, latches onto the stupidest things and digs her heals in and CANNOT get past it, no matter what you do to her. she goes absolutely hysterical every time shane leaves the house without her. UGHHHH!!!!! and the worst of it is that she seems so unhappy! i’ve also noticed that when she’s this way, she has more accidents too. it’s like her whole body is just totally out of whack. she seems so unbalanced.

it’s like the closer she’s getting to 4, the worse she gets. i thought 4 was supposed to be better! well, actually, i thought 3 was supposed to be better than 2, but i was wrong. so maybe i am about this too.

the last time i remember the problem being this bad was last fall when we were trying to do the preschool thing. eventually, we dropped out, thinking that she was just overly tired. she had recently given up naps at the time and between preschool and evening out the gap between giving up the nap and adjusting to not taking one, i attributed her outrageously horrid behavior to that.

so we recently went through a very pleasant period of behavior. layla was just wonderful. would entertain herself for hours, showed signs of gaining self-control, stayed out of trouble, for the most part.

i don’t know what to blame it on now, and makes me wonder if what i assumed was the problem before, was just a coincidence.

but, OMG, it is annoying!

i know i park her in front of the tv more than i should, but sometimes it’s the only thing i can find for her to do that doesn’t somehow lead to a hysterical fit! it was the same way last fall.

so… here’s the question. is my child just a freak? has anyone else experienced this? yes, i realize i have degree that would lead some to believe that i might be the best one to answer this question, but they don’t really have a section in those textbooks on preschoolers with pms. HELP!!!!


  1. though hazel is younger, i have noticed similar mood swings already. some days she's like an angel and plays well with others, puts her toys away without being asked, and says i love you 400x a day. then, you have days full of things that happened like this evening - where we actually ended up putting her to bed at 620(1-1 1/2 hours early) because she wouldn't take one single bite of her dinner and all she wanted was to watch ya gabba gabba (and the whole condo complex could hear she wanted "Brobee!") anyhow, great to know it doesn't end!! :( good luck!

  2. I think Sara knows more than we do...they MUST be cousins because Sara does the SAME thing!

    And good seems to be getting better at nearly 5, she has learned a bit more self control and if I tell her to go to her room (the threat is if I have to take her I will spank her butt on the way) she normally goes with little complaint to calm down.

    Deep breath's just totally a girl thing! ;)

  3. Ok, my theory after going through this with all 3 of mine. Growth spurts. And at these younger ages, they have a lot more going on at a faster pace so sometimes I think its just hard for their little brains to grasp what is going on. The little aches and pains, the electrodes in the brains growing new routes, that kind of thing. Or to recall Kirk Cameron, Growing Pains.



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