Friday, July 31, 2009

tons of fun in the sun!

well, the weather is a little more back to normal today. i think we were around 85* or a little higher, but nothing anywhere near that insanity of the last couple days.

it’s also seafair time! to me, that pretty much only means one thing:  BLUE ANGELS!!!       Birthdays - First day of school 114

oh yeah.

i look forward to this every summer and try to find a way to get somewhere so i can get a good view. this year, my trusty MOMS club came to the rescue!

seafair is always the first weekend of august, but somehow it totally snuck up on me this year. maybe because august doesn’t actually start until tomorrow, or maybe it’s because this last week has been sort of surreal w/ the insane heat and all, but i just totally wasn’t thinking about it being THIS weekend. well lo and behold, there was a beach playdate at a park on lake washington, scheduled for today! we had vbs this morning at church, and this park was like half a mile from the church, so we couldn’t not go. i threw some sandwich stuff, apples, swimsuits and towels into a bag as we were running out the door this morning and boogied on out of vbs as soon as it was over. the park was wonderful! i can’t believe i didn’t know about it before. there was grassy areas where we met up with our friends and had our picnic. there was a sandy beach with a play structure where the kids played and dug in the sand. there was a supervised swimming area where the kids got plenty wet and sandy.

of course, the blue angels were the highlight for me. we had a pretty good view, although mercer island was rude enough to be in the way of some of the good stuff. but we did get one really good flyover, so i should be good until next year. ah! the noise! favorite sound EVER! something about that crazy roar and rumble of those jet engines just goes right through me!

oh, and the kids thought they were pretty cool too… but really, this outing was for me!

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  1. We got to see them today at Boeing Field... so cool! It was amazing to watch these guys take off in diapmond formation, and it was LOUD! The boys loved it, ut Luke and I were the ones thunderstruck.



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