Thursday, July 23, 2009

just a tad more progress…

  1. wash lindsey’s sleeping bags and return.
  2. set up tent to air and sweep out all the dirt.
  3. pick raspberries.
  4. check pool, add water.
  5. get skimmer for pool.
  6. clean up stuff in backyard.
  7. clean out cooler and return to mom and dad.
  8. clean bathrooms.
  9. catch up on laundry. (well, mostly. just have one load left to fold and put away.)
  10. fold and put away the pile of sheets that has been in my room for weeks. :)
  11. sweep and mop dining room and kitchen floor.
  12. plan meals and grocery shop for the week.
  13. costco run.
  14. put away all camping stuff in a somewhat orderly fashion.
  15. vacuum rug in garage.
  16. put away doll house in garage and stash toys.
  17. clean mom and dad’s on thursday.
  18. return pei’s lantern.
  19. work on mom’s shawl.
  20. get shane’s bike. (sort of).
  21. pick up library books.

okay, well yesterday wasn’t quite as productive as i wanted it to be. but in my defense, i wasn’t home in the morning or in the evening, and during the middle of the day, i was ‘watching’ shane’s friend over here AND the power went out for about an hour and a half.

so i should have #7 completely done. i cleaned out the cooler, set it on the front porch to dry, drew my dad’s attention to it, and he chose not to take it with him. NOT MY FAULT!

#20 got done, it just needs to get done again… they went to get the bike, paid for it, but couldn’t bring it home because they didn’t have one that was assembled. so the bike shop is building the bike as we speak, and dave is going to pick it up tonight. shane is being VERY patient about it.

i’m not overly optimistic about my progress today. cleaning at my parents’ house will take up a big chunk of the day. but i’m going to take the stupid cooler with me when i go. and i’m going to go pick the raspberries before i leave… just as soon as i finish my coffee!

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  1. Looks like you are keeping plenty busy and no, not a real hedgehog. They were little stuffed ones that velcroed onto the wrist. We kept freaking out when we were at the petting zoo part because Hannah would throw the hedgehog and it looked so much like one of the chicks we would dive to catch it every time. :)



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