Thursday, July 2, 2009

i’m going to be a grandma!

well, someday.

i just had this actual conversation with layla and it cracked me up, so i thought i should write it down.

layla: mommy, when can i have my own kids and be a grown up?

me: when you’re all grown up!

layla: when i am a grown up, can you invite makenna over so she can be one of my kids?

me: no, when you’re a grown up, makenna will be too. you’ll have brand new kids that you’ve never met before.

layla: really? brand new ones?

me: yes. they’ll be yours.

layla: and when they get sick…

me: you’ll have to take care of them.

layla: and when they get in trouble?

me: you’ll have to discipline them.

(for some unknown reason, this, in particular, evoked a big smile and some giggles… hmmm…)

layla: and when they poop in their pants?

me: you’ll have to clean them up.

layla: oh, yeah. i’ll need the changing table out of your room then, so can you and daddy give it to me for in my own house? mommy, will you build me my own house when i’m grown up?

me: no. you’ll have to get your own house.

layla: well, can i have my own car then?

me: yes.

layla: will you drive me and my kids to the place so we can get our own car?

me: sure.

layla: i want a car with 5 seats because i’m going to have 5 kids.

me: okay.

layla: and will you drive us to the toy store and buy toys for my kids?

me: of course! that’s what grandparents do!

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  1. Congrats Rachel!!! better start knitting for your 5 Grandchildren! ;) HA HA



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