Thursday, July 23, 2009

i will prevail! …at some point.

  1. wash lindsey’s sleeping bags and return.
  2. set up tent to air and sweep out all the dirt.
  3. pick raspberries.
  4. check pool, add water.
  5. get skimmer for pool.
  6. clean up stuff in backyard.
  7. clean out cooler and return to mom and dad.
  8. clean bathrooms. (mostly done.)
  9. catch up on laundry.
  10. fold and put away the pile of sheets that has been in my room for weeks. :)
  11. sweep and mop dining room and kitchen floor.
  12. plan meals and grocery shop for the week.
  13. costco run.
  14. put away all camping stuff in a somewhat orderly fashion.
  15. vacuum rug in garage.
  16. put away doll house in garage and stash toys.
  17. clean mom and dad’s on thursday. (make that friday)
  18. return pei’s lantern.
  19. work on mom’s shawl.
  20. get shane’s bike.
  21. pick up library books.

so, i’m not sure why i didn’t make #5 blue earlier. i had discussed, with dave, getting it on wednesday, but he said he wanted to get the kit that comes with the skimmer and the vacuum, so he ordered it right then. we should have it by early next week. heaven knows we need it! gotta love all those little things that fall off of fir trees.

i went to my parents’ house today. and then i sat (knitting) and chatted with my mother all day while the kids played and helped my dad outside. so i’m going back tomorrow. but i did take the cooler with me!

i think i must have felt guilty about not getting much done today, so at 10pm, i suddenly go on this cleaning binge and do #8 and #11. well, i still have to do the bathroom floors and the tub in the hall bathroom, but the rest is done.

i’m SO dreading messing with the tent and all the camping stuff. UGH! can you tell i’m putting it off?

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