Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a tribute to layla

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i love my daughter. i really do. if i had only 3 words with which to describe her, it would be “full of life”. and she really, really is. she is someone who wants to experience all that life has to offer. i love the age she is too. her excitement about things is always contagious and her ideas hilarious and creative. she’s one of those kids who can’t just paint the paper, and whatever the rules for the game happen to be, they’re too boring and she’s going to play it her own way, darnit!                     

there are a few things that come with this fabulous age, however, that i could easily do without.

the screaming fit she had today, for example, over a graham cracker. she had the intention of giving it to micah, and broke it in half, even though, the whole time she was doing it, i was telling her NOT to give one to micah because he was having his lunch. i told her to eat it instead, since she was also pulling one out for herself. to which she responded,


i calmly informed her that the one she had was perfectly fine and that if she wanted a graham cracker, she cold eat that one.


at which point, i sent her to her room to collect herself. a minute later, she crept back into the room and said,

“mommy, (sniffle) i (sniffle) really (sniffle) wanted (sniffle) a (sniffle) big (sniffle) one (sniffle sniffle SNIIIIFFFF).”

i informed her that she was not, in any way, obligated to eat the graham cracker, but that i wasn’t going to be getting her a new one. then she says,

“if i eat the broken one, THEN can i have a big one?”

to which i replied affirmatively, causing her to throw her arms around me and very dramatically declare,

“oh mommy! i love you soooooo much! you’re the BEST!”

sheesh! what am i going to do with her?


  1. We had almost that exact graham cracker fit here the other day. Geez.

  2. To use a phrase which we say regularly to my Rachel...
    Good job she is gorgeous!

  3. That's my girl! These pictures are so her...I love it. Let her know that we miss her lots and give her a big hug.
    PS Graham cracker story??? My battle daily. I think that all kids tell each other things somehow. :)

  4. She is awesome. I love her make up job, and, as a middle girl between two boys, my heart goes out to her.



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