Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rumbling farms!

yesterday, we joined some MOMS club friends for a trip to remlinger farms. we call it “rumbling farms” because that’s what shane used to call it, and now layla has started. it’s pretty funny. and no, it wasn’t loud, and we didn’t hear any rumbling. but we did…014            play in the old fire truck and school bus.017 100         go on pony rides. i thought micah would do it too, but when i stuck him onthe pony, he immediately tried to get off. he just wanted to look at them.018       ride in canoes and scream “DUCK DUCK!” as loudly as possible.024      visit all the farm animals.026          the baby goats were really cute and kept trying to eat shane’s shoes.029   040          the flying pumpkins (think dumbo ride at disneyland, only w/ pumpkins).047 049            the swing carousel.111            the little teeny ferris wheel115            everyone’s favorite, the roller coaster. that’s them in the middle car.        102       and the antique cars, circa 1900, made for the 1962 world’s fair in seattle.058 062 063 066 068 and the hay maze and hay jump. this was micah’s favorite, even though he had quite a time navigating all that soft hay and everyone came home scratched up from it.082           shane is the only one big enough for the pedal go-karts. layla took it very personally that she couldn’t go.086         last, but not least, the train!!!!!  it’s a half-size steam locomotive!030032  084  083            it takes you all around the farm and you get to see the emus, a bull, and alpacas that you can’t see otherwise.088        and of course, the antique tractors.

this is a great place for the kids. they could all have fun. it’s a little expensive, but we try to make it once a year because everyone loves it so much!

layla is convinced we need to build our own roller coaster in our front yard!


  1. Looks like fun...I have to say that the sweatshirt you were wearing made me go and take a cold shower. I started roasting just looking at that! :) Aaaaaaah! Summer!
    Poor Layla, she will be big enough for the go karts before you know it. :(

  2. that looks like you had so much fun! Thanks for all the great pictures, now I guess I have to take Hazel (I had planned on it, but have never made it happen!)!



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