Friday, June 26, 2009

i’m sure i will offend all sorts people with this…

… but i just don’t get why the entire world is so torn up about the death of michael jackson.

yes, he had an insanely successful career as a singer/entertainer/pop star. yes, he took a lot of that to a whole new level. yes, i remember thriller and doing the moonwalk. yes, i remember wanting one of those red leather jackets, and one of those sparkly white gloves.

however… i’m also wondering why everyone else is seeming to forget how he bleached his skin (and then had a big hit stating that it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white… always wondered about that one), underwent so much plastic surgery that he barely looked human anymore, made crotch-grabbing an acceptable dance move, hung his kid over a balcony, showed up for court in his pajamas, and, oh yeah, was accused of child molestation HOW MANY TIMES??? this was a VERY disturbed man.

i have never understood why being a celebrity excuses people from upholding the same morals and standards that we expect of normal people.

i will never understand the position we allow these people to have in our lives. he was not God. he may have been the king of pop… but really, that’s not a kingdom i’m much interested in if that’s the sort of king we appoint to rule.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rumbling farms!

yesterday, we joined some MOMS club friends for a trip to remlinger farms. we call it “rumbling farms” because that’s what shane used to call it, and now layla has started. it’s pretty funny. and no, it wasn’t loud, and we didn’t hear any rumbling. but we did…014            play in the old fire truck and school bus.017 100         go on pony rides. i thought micah would do it too, but when i stuck him onthe pony, he immediately tried to get off. he just wanted to look at them.018       ride in canoes and scream “DUCK DUCK!” as loudly as possible.024      visit all the farm animals.026          the baby goats were really cute and kept trying to eat shane’s shoes.029   040          the flying pumpkins (think dumbo ride at disneyland, only w/ pumpkins).047 049            the swing carousel.111            the little teeny ferris wheel115            everyone’s favorite, the roller coaster. that’s them in the middle car.        102       and the antique cars, circa 1900, made for the 1962 world’s fair in seattle.058 062 063 066 068 and the hay maze and hay jump. this was micah’s favorite, even though he had quite a time navigating all that soft hay and everyone came home scratched up from it.082           shane is the only one big enough for the pedal go-karts. layla took it very personally that she couldn’t go.086         last, but not least, the train!!!!!  it’s a half-size steam locomotive!030032  084  083            it takes you all around the farm and you get to see the emus, a bull, and alpacas that you can’t see otherwise.088        and of course, the antique tractors.

this is a great place for the kids. they could all have fun. it’s a little expensive, but we try to make it once a year because everyone loves it so much!

layla is convinced we need to build our own roller coaster in our front yard!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a tribute to layla

002057004IMG_1544 IMG_1615    Picture 002Picture 082Picture 079

i love my daughter. i really do. if i had only 3 words with which to describe her, it would be “full of life”. and she really, really is. she is someone who wants to experience all that life has to offer. i love the age she is too. her excitement about things is always contagious and her ideas hilarious and creative. she’s one of those kids who can’t just paint the paper, and whatever the rules for the game happen to be, they’re too boring and she’s going to play it her own way, darnit!                     

there are a few things that come with this fabulous age, however, that i could easily do without.

the screaming fit she had today, for example, over a graham cracker. she had the intention of giving it to micah, and broke it in half, even though, the whole time she was doing it, i was telling her NOT to give one to micah because he was having his lunch. i told her to eat it instead, since she was also pulling one out for herself. to which she responded,


i calmly informed her that the one she had was perfectly fine and that if she wanted a graham cracker, she cold eat that one.


at which point, i sent her to her room to collect herself. a minute later, she crept back into the room and said,

“mommy, (sniffle) i (sniffle) really (sniffle) wanted (sniffle) a (sniffle) big (sniffle) one (sniffle sniffle SNIIIIFFFF).”

i informed her that she was not, in any way, obligated to eat the graham cracker, but that i wasn’t going to be getting her a new one. then she says,

“if i eat the broken one, THEN can i have a big one?”

to which i replied affirmatively, causing her to throw her arms around me and very dramatically declare,

“oh mommy! i love you soooooo much! you’re the BEST!”

sheesh! what am i going to do with her?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

donald and the dragon

last night and tonight were the performances of donald and the dragon, the play that shane has been working on all year.  his drama class (3rd – 6th graders) were the performers in this play, and it was directed by 3 high school students (all part of the homeschool networks program). i have a few pictures that i took tonight. most of them came out blurry, since you can’t use a flash and the theatre was obviously very dark. but i have a sampling.

shane had two parts. the first was of a ‘fruit stall holder’. he had a few lines, most of which were funny. and he delivered them all very well, totally audible, and without any hesitation or prompting. i was very proud. 003 006 discussing the quality of his fruit, followed by insulting the girl w/ the basket, when she questions it and refuses to buy any.007 everyone taking cover because of the dragon’s roars – except the princess, who has been told that it’s just thunder, so as not to frighten her.

his other part was bigger and also pretty funny. he was ‘bartholomew’, the dragon’s servant/butler-type-person. he did a good job of figuring out the whole sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek attitude behind them all. 009 discussing with the dragon that it’s not the last wednesday of the month – the day she allows a visitor to come and fight her.014   attempting to get the princess and donald’s brother to go away.015     they are discussing w/ the dragon, the situation of donald having been thrown in jail for befriending her, rather than killing her.017  everyone trying to think of a solution.

in the final scene, he was still bartholomew, but in disguise.020  apparently, the the dragon and bartholomew had kidnapped the judge and his clerk and were impersonating them in order to save donald. the white wigs were hilarious, as was the dramatic irony of no one in the courtroom noticing the green face or sparkly scales.

all in all, they did a wonderful job and we are very proud of him.

shane, who got cold feet about it a month ago, told me tonight that he wants to do plays forever now! and when i suggested that we make a better effort to go and find some plays to see, he said, “no mom, i don’t want to see them, i want to act in them!” i guess he’s got the bug!

Friday, June 12, 2009

wednesday field trip – an educational post

so this post is going to be mostly pictures. on wednesday, i went with my kids and my parents over to the hiram m. chittenden locks – better known as the ballard locks. i hadn’t been since i was a kid, and my mom and i had been talking all year about getting shane over there for a sort of educational field trip.

it was a gorgeous day, and there was lots of activity at the locks. in case you’re not inclined to click on the link above and are unaware of the functions of the locks, this is directly from that site:

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks are a complex of locks that sit in the middle of Salmon Bay, part of Seattle's Lake Washington Ship Canal. They are known locally as the Ballard Locks after the neighborhood to their north. (Magnolia lies to the south.)

The locks and associated facilities serve three purposes:

The complex includes two locks, a small (30 x 150 ft, 8.5 x 45.7 meter) and a large (80 x 825, 24.4 x 251.5 meter). The complex also includes a (235-foot, 71.6 meter) spillway with six (32 x 12-foot (3.7 m), 9.8 x 3.7 meter) gates to assist in water-level control. A fish ladder is integrated into the locks for migration of anadromous fish, notably salmon.

we’ll just say that it is fascinating! my favorite part was this tugboat which was pulling a HUGE barge/warehouse through. pay attention to the water level in all these pictures. here it is totally full. they are coming from the lake union side, and heading out into the sound, likely on to alaska.012      see the water level has gone down some.022 024 028      and even more…029      and more…032      this is all the way down.039       the walkways are on top of the ‘gates’ which open and close to let boats in and out and/or keep the water in when the levels are different.040      now that the water level is down and even with what’s behind those gates, they open them (after everyone is off the walkway, of course).042 044        all the way open.046      and here goes the tugboat.049 051 054           and there goes the barge.058      and out into puget sound.061 on the other side, are the smaller set of locks, for smaller watercraft, such as sailboats, commanded by shirtless, kilt-wearing pirates.035 036      here they are, tied up, water level high…038      and here, with the water level all the way down.060 and there they go… i’m not sure whether to wish them “ahoy, mateys” or… whatever the traditional scottish thing would be to say in such a situation.064      and now for some pictures with actual people in them.004 013 021 063  066      next to the locks is a dam. you can cross it (WAY outside my comfort zone, but i did it) and down underneath, they have windows built into it where you can see various kinds of salmon migrating upstream. 065     well, you can, but not in june. these 3 tiny fish were about all we could see, so it wasn’t very exciting.070           not sure if that bird was a crane or a heron or what, but it was huge and went swooping over us while crossing the dam.071 072     after this, we headed over to greenlake to have lunch at SPUD – the BEST fish n chips EVER!!! why i didn’t take a picture of my lunch, i don’t know. maybe because it was GONE before i had a chance to think of it. YUM-O! after that, i took the kids across the street to run around a little and check out the lake, where we saw lots of…076            DUCKS! 078 082     layla was ready to jump right in, and shane asked if we could come back later so he could bring his swimsuit (it was already close to 3, so that was a NO). i’m seeing plenty of trips over there this summer though.

well, i’d say that’s about enough educational stuff for one post, eh?


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