Saturday, May 30, 2009


so yesterday turned out different than it was supposed to. it wasn’t a horrible day, just a little odd, and frustrating at times.

i had planned to do school w/ shane in the morning (my mom was attending a funeral) and then spending the rest of the day outside. perhaps making my way to the park playdate for a picnic lunch, if shane finished in time. nothing major planned, and i figured we’d just wing it and see what came our way. well…

dave has been out sick for a few days now, and he finally decided to go to the dr. yesterday. so he asked me to drive him downtown to his appt. and then possibly back home, or to work. his appt. was at 10:20, so i gave shane his spelling test after breakfast, had him bring a book in the car and headed downtown. the kids need sandals, so i figured i’d do a little shopping while in the city. so i dropped dave off, and embarked on one of my least favorite things in the entire world. driving downtown. i know i sound like some weinie, suburban soccer mom here, but i seriously HATE driving downtown. it’s not that i get lost or disoriented, and i understand the one-way streets and all that. what i hate is 1) all the pedestrians that take very seriously that THEY have the right of way, and 2) the fact that stoplights are on the side of the road, rather than hanging across the middle. i’m always afraid i’m going to hit someone who is crossing while i’m looking for something, or checking my blind spot or something like that, and then i will have mowed someone down and it’ll be my fault, even though they jumped out in front of me. and i’m always almost not noticing the lights because they’re not where i’m accustomed to seeing them. but anyway i didn’t manage to get in any accidents or hit any pedestrians, but i did spend way too long trying to find parking garages that didn’t exist. well, they do, i just remembered where they were wrong, and therefore was unable to find them where i thought they were. so, swearing under my breath and gripping the steering wheel with my stressed-out-gray-hair-inducing grip, i finally spotted a garage under westlake center, drove around the block again to get to it and parked. i grabbed the stroller and my purse (oh, and the kids), and headed out. i went to payless shoes first because i wanted some relatively cheap-o sandals for micah. we walked in the door and layla promptly announces that she needs to go potty. i told her to wait a few minutes because i knew they didn’t have a bathroom and we were going to a department store next where she could go. so i quickly grab a couple pairs in what i thought was micah’s size and she shows up, pee dripping down her legs, “um, mommy, i kind of peed in my pants a little”. nice. i had left her spare clothes in the car too. so i pulled micah out of the stroller and threw her in. i figured it would be disturbing for everyone out on the street to see her walking around with soaked shorts. couldn’t find any i liked in his size, so we left. at this point, dave tells me he’s done at the dr. and is walking to his office. i was furious at this point because i’m thinking, “you’re walking to work? great! i just paid how much to park so i could shop downtown for no reason?” but he says that he’s only going in to the office to check if there’s any pressing business he needs to take care of. so we wait outside for a while, and then i decide to head over to nordstrom to see if they’ve got any crocs for the kids. as it turned out, the smallest size is the size we already have at home (layla’s old ones) which are a little too big for micah still, layla is in between two sizes (one is too small, one is huge), and the kids dept. doesn’t sell them big enough for shane, and the men’s dept. where they sent us, doesn’t carry them at all. so dave met us at nordstrom, we walked back to the parking garage, and paid $10 to get out. RIDICULOUS!!! i was furious! at any rate, we came home, shane did his work, we lazed around and had a pleasant afternoon and evening.

oh, and the diagnosis? dave has a probable ulcer. which just seems ridiculous. he’s not exactly a pot of coffee kind of guy, and he’s not super stressed or anything. he laughed that if either of us would be likely to have an ulcer, it would be me!

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