Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend camping… sort of.

shane has been bugging us about setting up the tent in the backyard since the first nice day of the spring. we finally ran out of excuses this weekend and spent saturday night sleeping outside. we even built a fire in our fire pit so it could feel more like real camping. we neglected to put it away today, which has wound us up with a bonus night in the tent. oh yay. well, the kids are excited about it. dave and i are less so, probably because we’re old fogies and are actually aware of the fact that it gets darn cold at night still. that and how our nifty air mattress has a leak and is somewhat less than cushiony by morning. oh well, the sacrifices we make.

it was, indeed, a beautiful weekend. dave got all productive this weekend and cleared out massive amounts of CRAP from our yard. there’s been this patch of CRAP (for lack of a better word to describe it) on the west side of the house, kind of going down the hill toward the road, since we moved in almost 2 years ago. we inherited it from, i assume, the previous residents, but i suppose it could have been there even longer than that. at any rate, it was all grown over with ivy and weeds, but we could tell that there was a bunch of old wood and other stuff under it. so dave finally decided that it was time to deal with it. i should have taken pictures of the CRAP that was in there because it was really odd to find on a hillside in our yard. there was one of those funky swings made out of a cut-apart tire along with it’s rope, and this other ENORMOUS rope that was wrapped around a piece of rotten wood. this rope was seriously about 3 inches thick. there was a lot of other wood and sticks in there, but most of it was falling apart. as luck would have it, our neighbors were making a trip to the dump today, so we threw that stuff in their truck and now it’s out of our hair (or yard). so now we have a vacant hillside to figure out what to do with. the kids still have a big pack of wildflower seeds that was in their easter basket, so i might have them plant those there.

what else? oh yeah, saturday afternoon brought my miraculous trip to costco. it was miraculous because i spend less than $100 and i didn’t think that was possible! i bought diapers, bread, frozen chicken strips, a jug of honey, batteries and 4 gallons of milk and spent $89.

well, i guess i had better go clean up my house so i can go freeze in my tent. woo hoo! it is SO coming down tomorrow.

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  1. It is so fun for the kids to camp outside...I take my hat off to you and Dave for venturing out with them. Nice One!

    And...Costco shop for under $100..I still want to see that receipt ;D

    Lets hope the nice weather lasts and more happy family days can be spent out in that cozy comfy tent...LOL!
    Have a great week!



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