Thursday, May 21, 2009

today rocks

give me a sunny, warm day and i’m happy, pretty much, whatever the day brings. so a sunny day that started with sitting out in the sun with friends, knitting, is just over the top fabulous! yes, i realize i am easily pleased.

i’ve actually gotten a lot done since getting home as well. not that you can tell. i just love this phenomenon that goes along with having children. while i’m busy cleaning one part of the house, they’re busy trashing another. it is physically impossible for my entire house to be clean all at once. but oh well, right now i have clean bathrooms, and although the living room is cluttered with toys and other kid paraphernalia, it has been dusted and is about to be vacuumed. sigh.

speaking of sigh… well, actually, si, the boys are planning a hike up mt. si on saturday. we’re looking forward to nolan coming up tomorrow evening for a visit. they will be doing this on saturday while layla and i go to a birthday party. then on sunday, we’ll be spending the afternoon at safeco field watching the mariners beat the giants. that should be fun, and i know my children are loyal. that said, a sunny day and baseball with my family… that should make it just about as good as today! ;)

maybe i’ll bring my knitting along, just in case!


  1. Sounds like fun. Don't mention the Giants losing to my husband. He may not appreciate that! :)

  2. don't go getting all cocky about a team that you don't even know the record of, or who plays center field, or who the closer is...and even your 1st born hesitates when asked who he's going to root for, and chooses the Giants when plays baseball on the Wii.

  3. perhaps i have more pressing business to attend to... that doesn't mean i don't know who to root for.



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