Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pet peeve of the day

so i’m trying really hard to not live in a pig sty. i also live with 3 children, and anyone who has read more than 2 words of this blog knows that organizational stuff does not come easy to me.

today i did all the things on my to do list (which i try to keep daily, and not make too overloaded, so it’s actually realistic to get it done) and looked around realizing that my house was still very much a sty and certainly not anywhere near ‘drop-by-able’, which is my ever-elusive goal. (hello, run-on sentence! but it’s my blog, so deal with it!) so i tackled a couple of my worst clutter catchers. the table behind the couch and the kitchen peninsula. today was one of those days where i was wishing that all of the flat surfaces would just disappear.

so i threw away or recycled everything i could, and put all the rest of the stuff that i can’t into a bin. it’s the ‘don’t know what to do with it’ bin. i currently have several of those, in various places throughout the house. the biggest is the garage. (no, i didn’t say IN the garage. i mean the garage.) i hate this phenomenon. i seem to always have all this stuff that you have to keep, but don’t need, and you don’t really know what to do with it.

my worst offender is the stupid reports you get from your insurance company, every time someone goes to the doctor. this drives me insane. they send you this in the mail, it tells you who saw what doctor, if any tests were done, what outrageous figure was charged for these services, and that they’ve paid for it. why is it i need a piece of paper for this? i don’t care what they charged if the insurance company paid it already! it even says on it, ‘this is not a bill’. yet you’re supposed to keep this ‘for your records.’ so i either have a pile or a file of these papers. why? do i really need to keep these?

grrrr. thank you, insurance company, for sabotaging my best attempts at fighting clutter. i’m not just battling myself here, i’m under attack!


  1. OK...so I take my hat off to you for trying!

  2. So, I used to think that those ridiculous reports from the insurance company were just garbage and then I heard that you are supposed to look over them to make sure that you weren't charged for anything that wasn't actually done. I heard that there is some sort of astronomical percentage of bills that are billed totally wrong. In part because sometimes they can't read writing etc. So I started checking and especially when Jake was admitted I found LOTS of mistakes. Tests billed that were never run etc. So, long story short...you should look them all over and make sure that they are correct. They are basically just like a receipt from a store. :) Didn't you want to hear all that???! :)



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