Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day weekend w/ nolan

nolan came for a visit this weekend and we were busy! we picked him up at the airport on friday evening, came home and ate pizza and watched the mariners beat the giants on tv.IMG_1582you can see that micah took to godfather nolan right away. thought he was awesome! and yes, he is wearing a sparkly, pink cheerleader costume. layla decided she wanted to be a princess and if layla was going to dress up, then so was micah. it was about this point when i realized that some gender-neutral dress up clothes might be in order sometime soon. HA! but he does look cute, doesn’t he?IMG_1581

on saturday morning, the boys (all of them) took off to hike mt. si. that’s it, behind that building.IMG_1600 IMG_1589IMG_1596  they had a great time, and came home all blistered, sore and tired. but they made it. dave and nolan switched off with the backpack. micah was pretty antsy by the time they got to the top, and wanted to explore more than he was really able to. he took a little nap on the way back down.

IMG_1590 apparently, mt. rainier is supposed to be behind them in this picture, but it doesn’t show up.

while they boys were on their hike, layla and i were at a birthday party. that was fun, but while we were there, layla had a ‘bladder episode’. i had to take her to the bathroom 4 times in 45 minutes, AND she had one accident in that time. so it’s not just being outside or the sun or whatever. she did have some orange juice, which we kind of targeted as a problem last year, but she’s generally been fine with it since. who knows. then she came home and painted herself red with the fingerpaint that was in the party favor bag. i couldn’t take a picture of it because the camera was with dave, but it was pretty funny. it’s great having one of those kids. then she washed herself off in the water table. yes, IN. where did this child come from?  she passed out on the couch after this and woke up with a cold. HELLO? what the heck! that evening, micah decided he had it too. YAY!

(oh, that night we watched the game again and the giants won.)

sunday, after church, we changed into our team colors and then went over to the park for a quick picnic before heading to the game. while we were sitting at the table, layla noticed that we had some visitors show up UNDER our table!  they were very friendly, so of course we fed them everything we had! that’s my hand, btw. very exciting! iphone 5-25-09 038iphone 5-25-09 040micah was so excited he chased them all over the park yelling “quack” at the top of his lungs.

then we headed to the game. we had fabulous seats! row 1 of the left field bleachers! it was awesome, except that i was terrified that someone was going to tumble over the edge into the bullpen; shane was terrified that micah was going to toss something over the edge into the bullpen; we were sitting DIRECTLY in the sun; we left our sunscreen in the car; micah and layla were both grumpy and antsy because they were hot, had runny noses, needed naps, and could care less about a baseball game; micah spotted a pile of spilled popcorn on the floor under the bleachers and was FURIOUS that i wouldn’t let him eat it. need i go on? eventually, everyone but me got up and went to go see about the play structure, which they couldn’t use because you have to make a reservation for it before the game starts, and eventually found some empty seats, in the shade, over by the left field foul pole. the seating attendant apparently felt sorry for our red-faced, cranky children and allowed us to sit there for the rest of the game. nolan came and got me and i joined them, even though, without the kids, i was enjoying my sunny view of the game and working on tanning my pasty shins! 

IMG_1601IMG_1602  world’s best dad, right here! IMG_1610IMG_1605IMG_1606

i think everyone was finally happy by the 8th inning. micah passed out and layla and shane had cotton candy. aaaahhhh, peace.

IMG_1607                                  the giants fans! (and micah) too bad for them… mariners won, 5-4! woo hoo!IMG_1618                                       our split-allegiance family!       

oh, i almost forgot to mention that shane is wearing a giants shirt UNDER his mariners jersey. gramma and papa sent up new giants shirts for him and dave. dave and i were both lobbying hard as to which shirt would be worn on the outside. as you can see, he’s a good boy!  mama’s proud!

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  1. Looks like a GREAT weekend! But come on Dave...can't carry ALL the kids? What about poor Shane he needs to walk? that's not fair! HA HA



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