Friday, April 24, 2009

why must i overanalyze EVERYTHING????


everything would be SO much easier if i could just LIVE LIFE!

but no, every stupid little thing requires hours and days and months and years of contemplation.  WHY? why me? why can’t just be one of those people who just lives?

there are people out there who have kids, put them in whatever diapers are cheapest, clothe them in clothes that are on sale or they think look cute, and send them to the local school when they’re 5.  end of story.  these people also attend whatever church is closest or suits their denominational preference, go to the store when they need food, clean things when they look dirty, etc, etc, etc. doesn’t require a lot of agony.

not me.

yes, i realize i’m oversimplifying here and a little bit of thought about important matters is not only good, but necessary.  but…

that person i just described is the COMPLETE AND TOTAL OPPOSITE OF ME! and i’m therefore going crazy, as usual.

why oh why must i live in my head???  i literally paralyze myself with contemplation. second guessing every decision i actually get around to making, but usually putting off making the decision because there are too many angles to analyze before making it and whatever conclusion i come to is displeasing to me in one way or another and so i can’t move forward.

will somebody please come and get me out of my head?

1 comment:

  1. The only thing I ever overanalyze is my writing but I can't say my life is stress-free. I have a theory that eliminating stress is not actually possible. You just find stressors and replace them with new ones until you find some that you don't hate.



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