Tuesday, April 21, 2009

northwesterner kids

around here, there’s an ongoing joke about how crazy people go when the sun comes out!  yes, as i write this, i have no doubt that the lake beaches in the area are filled with half-naked, truant teenagers sunning themselves.

if a 70* day in april causes your child to feel the need to don a swimsuit and fill up a kiddie pool…

you might be from seattle.

Picture 110

yes, that’s a slide in the water. and yes, she’s using it. and no, she hasn’t gotten hypothermia yet, but i’m sure it’s coming.


  1. we have had a similar day here - all running outside. no time for milk, lunch, nap, just running in the sun!

  2. HA HA we used to break out the bikini's when it hit about 55/60 in Minnesota every spring...as long as it was sunny we were outside trying to get a tan! (of course we were older and our parents weren't home from work yet to yell at us! ;)) But I'm glad to know that there are freaks in other parts of the country too...not just where I grew up! ;)



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