Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my monolith

yesterday we had a bit of a wind storm.  i knew nothing about it, of course, since i never watch the news unless someone mentions that it might snow. but just before lunch, this storm blew in.  now i live out here in the sticks and there are LOTS of BIG trees.  i mean BIG!  i consider it a very fortunate thing that we moved here AFTER the big storm back in ‘06. i figure that any tree that was going to come down, did then.

anyway, as i was fixing lunch for the kids, i heard a weird thump, followed by another thump.  i had noticed that it was kinda windy, so i told the kids i’d be right back and went out to check things out.  just out my front door, i see this:Picture 281 Picture 280 Picture 279 this HUGE tree branch was stuck in my front yard!  and just for some perspective, when dave came home and went to pull it out and hack it apart, it was about a foot taller than him as he was standing next to it. when he pulled it out, i’d say it was 9 or 10 inches that had been stuck in the ground.  that’s huge! 

there was another, smaller branch on the roof and as i’m running around outside taking pictures while the wind is going crazy and things like THAT are flying out of trees, i realized that probably wasn’t the smartest thing.  so i went back in and finished cooking lunch.  good thing too, because as soon as it was done, the power went out.  that was just before noon and it didn’t come back on until around 7pm.  craziness!

and speaking of weather… i just looked out the window and noticed that the rain is polka-dotted with white.  hello!? it’s april!

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  1. That is crazy. Your flowers are looking pretty good!



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