Wednesday, April 29, 2009

meal plan wednesday

so i’ve yet to make it to the store, and it’s taken me all morning just to put a week’s worth of meals and a shopping list together, but i think i’m finally done.  we’re out of literally everything, and i hope my $$ holds out this week!

  • wednesday: upside-down pizza casserole; green beans
  • thursday: chicken burritos; salad
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: hamburgers; tater tots; carrots
  • sunday: scrambled eggs; bacon; toast
  • monday: roast beef; carrots; baked potatoes
  • tuesday: leftovers

i’m using chicken for the burritos leftover from what we had last night (if you read fb, you know about my adventures preparing this chicken), so i don’t need to buy that. i’m also super excited about the roast beef on monday because it means that wednesday of next week is one of everybody’s favorites, french dips!!!  yay!

i guess i’ll have to go to the store today if we want to eat tonight, but i feel a little guilty going since both of my younger children still have snot pouring out of their noses and nasty sounding coughs.  plus, now i’m coughing too.  JOY!  why is it that every cold seems like the cold that never ends with them. micah’s officially been sick for a week now.

***edited to add*** finally made it to the store. had to wait until shane got home because of micah’s nap. if there was a record of worst shopping trips ever, this one would come in second. of the 3, micah is the only one who got a cookie at the end, and i only wound up with a dollar left over… if that wasn’t bad enough, on the way out, layla decided to stick her ‘thank you’ sticker on the hood of the car… where part of it still remains. ugh.

on the up side, i was able to get my jasmine tea this week. i made a cup as soon as i got home… i don’t think it was *strong* enough.

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  1. The kids may have been evil but at least you had a dollar left and you were able to get the tea. That has to count for some satisfaction right??!!!! :)



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