Wednesday, April 22, 2009

meal plan wednesday

i think i’ve officially converted to wednesdays.  i was getting a little frustrated with sale items being out when i got to the store on mondays or tuesdays. it’s hard to plan a week’s worth of meals based on what’s on sale and then have some vital part of it not be at the store when you get there.  flying by the seat of my pants doesn’t work so well when it comes to trying to create a meal in my head while at the store with my kids and remember what we need for it and what we have at home and what all the recipe calls for, etc. etc.  so, since the flyers come out on tuesday and the sales start on wednesday, i’m going to try doing my shopping on wednesday.  i only had last week planned through monday, so i really needed to shop yesterday, but micah woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and a bad croupy cough, so i decided to forego it until today, and we were able to scrounge for dinner last night.  most of us had some frozen costco chicken strips with peas and layla wanted scrambled eggs and bacon.  miss never eats anything must be growing because after she ate her 2 pieces of bacon and 1 egg (and i had washed the pan) she requests more!


  • wednesday: chicken; rice; salad
  • thursday: tater tot casserole
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: hamburgers; carrot sticks; chips
  • sunday: waffles; sausage
  • monday: loaded baked potatoes; salad
  • tuesday: leftovers

i went to qfc today because they had a good price on ground beef and i was out of oatmeal. they sell my favorite brand of instant oatmeal, mom’s best, which is all natural and about half the price of the not-so-natural quaker or store brand.  i will definitely not be bragging about how i did today, since for the first time ever, i had to put something back in order to make my $100 limit.  grrr.  i also somehow managed to forget my list, which wasn’t a total disaster and the only ‘vital’ thing on it that i forgot was hamburger buns. i guess i’ll have to figure that out, come saturday.  i’m kinda sad because the thing i put back was a box of jasmine tea, which i’ve been out of for almost a week now and i’m really jonesin’. that’s been my current afternoon vise and the more i talk about it right now, i’d really really like some.  oh well.

at any rate, for this week i guess “that’ll do, pig. that’ll do.”

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  1. i personally can't stand it when i take the time to make a list all perfect and full of everything i need, only to get to the store and realize it's on the bathroom counter! i did that at target last week - only the list was in my wallet, and after i was all rung up and ready to go, i realized my wallet was where my lsit usually is : on the bathroom counter!



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