Saturday, March 28, 2009

“you should have your head examined!”

… i just did!

yup, yesterday i had the thrilling experience of sitting in a hospital waiting room for 2 hours, followed by another in a trauma room.  no, i don’t think i had suffered any sort of major trauma – i think that’s just what room they had left to stick me in.  i mused about where we would go if they had to kick us out because a ‘real’ trauma situation arose.  thankfully, we didn’t have to learn the answer to that.  i guess i was a traumatic as it got during that window of time.

backing up, i wound up in the hospital yesterday because micah threw some clothes on the ground.  the night before i had been folding laundry in the living room.  i had a couple of stacks of ‘hang up’ clothes that were draped over the baby gate in front of the fireplace.                         Picture 113yes, it’s a christmas picture, but i knew i had it in my stash.  at any rate, there’s the ugly baby gate that the clothes were hanging on.  also notice the wood mantle above it that the nativity set is on.  you can’t tell in the picture, but it’s actually quite pointy.  as in, it’s widest at the top and then tapers in toward the bricks of the hearth.

at any rate, micah knocked the clothes off the gate (of course, pushing them over the  back so they were on the floor by the fireplace and down with all the nasty sooty fireplace tools.  so i went to retrieve them.  i stood by the gate and bent over to pick them up but somehow managed to smack my forehead on the edge of the mantle on the way down. 

yes, i realize that sounds incredibly stupid.  you wouldn’t think that one could actually injure oneself in that manner, but apparently, one can… at least i can.

when i hit it, i totally could hear my teeth rattling around in my head, and i stumbled backwards. i felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and i was afraid i might throw up.  sweet little layla wanted to kiss my owie for me, but i was having none of it. 

my dad showed up a few minutes later because he was going to watch the kids for me while i went to do some cleaning at their house, but i told him i was afraid to drive for a little while yet.  i still felt very dizzy and nauseous.  it was totally like i was in a fog and VERY slow.  i couldn’t type very well or complete a sentence without a lot of UUUHHH’s and UUUMMMM’s. then the roof of my mouth and the front of my face started tingling, and later, my hands. 

he called my mom to tell her that i wasn’t going to come just yet and he was going to stay with me.  she, of course, freaked out and told me to call the doctor.  i did, and they told me to go to the ER.  GREAT!!!! just what i wanted to do.  thanks mom!

so anyway, by the time i was actually seen by the doctor, i was feeling a lot more normal, but they made me go through a neurological test (similar to a drunk driving test) with a lot of pointing to my nose and flipping my hands over back and forth and walking in a straight line.  that was fun.  he said i could have a CT scan just to be on the safe side, but he was comfortable with me not having one, so i opted not to. (oh, and i DID pass the neurological test, in case you were worried.)

i do have to say that i stayed up VERY late last night, even though i was feeling fine.  i watched a lot of ‘what not to wear’ and cleaned the kitchen and dining room floors on my hands and knees with a rag.  i think i finally managed to go to sleep around 2am, and since i’m sitting here typing, i guess i woke up… that is, unless heaven looks very much like my house, has a computer, and dirty dishes.  no, it couldn’t be.  there’s still ugly green carpet in the livingroom and i can’t imagine God would put up with that.  then again, there’s coffee, so i suppose it could be… you never know!


  1. Thanks for clearing that up for us! Glad to hear you're okay.

  2. Ok, this totally sounds like something that would happen to me.



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