Tuesday, March 3, 2009

our exciting weekend

on saturday morning, dave decided that he would take layla for a day of bus-hopping.  she thinks riding busses is the most fun ever, and since dave has a bus pass and she’s free, it made for a very cheap excursion.  they packed a lunch and rode 4 different busses between here and downtown seattle, eventually ending up at dave’s office since he’d received a call en route about needing to some computer problem.

Picture 009 Picture 010 Picture 014 Picture 019 Picture 021 Picture 022 layla was in her element at the office. dave hooked her up with some post-its and some pens and highlighters and she ‘did her work’.  as you can see, layla’s work consists of drawing and coloring shapes and writing letters on about 4 million post-its, and drawing amoeba-like shapes on the large pieces of paper they use to print out building plans.  in fact, she was so busy doing her work, that when dave was done doing his work and wanted to leave, she refused because she wasn’t ‘done with her work’.Picture 027 Picture 029 when they finally did leave, they took another two busses to get home and layla got to pull the cord to make the bus stop!  layla was SO excited about her fun trip with daddy!

so, you might want to know what i did with the boys while they were gone?  we went to joann’s.  we got some yarn and a pair of fat, color-coded knitting needles, came home and, as promised, i taught shane how to knit!  here he is, casting on his 20 stitches!  he’s since knit 3 rows.Picture 105that’s my boy!

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  1. Layla looks so tiny sitting at that bus stop. It's a pretty good idea to take buses all day. Lily has been begging us to let her go on the train because my mother comes on the train and she really wants to try it out. Maybe we will now. You have inspired us!
    ps. Joe wanted me to say that Lily stopped saying bemember :( and now just says 'member with a lot of ATTITUDE!



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