Tuesday, March 24, 2009

meal plan tuesday

did my shopping this morning.  i’m doing this new thing… it’s called a budget.  yeah, i know i’m kind of late in the game here.  but anyway, i’m kind of switching over to good old fashioned cash.  i mentioned before that i try to keep my weekly grocery bill under $100.  well, now i don’t have a choice.  i take $100 with me to the store and if i go over, tough cookies, that’s all i get!  (i realize that i just advertized that i’ll have $100 cash on me, so if you hear about any muggings in grocery store parking lots, that’s probably me. LOL! actually, if you’re looking for handouts, just follow dave around. sooner or later, something will fall out of his pockets and maybe it’ll be something good!)  at any rate, i managed to keep it under $80 today, so woohoo! bonus!

  • tuesday: leftover chicken; rice; peas
  • wednesday: chili; cornbread (or we might try the soup supper at church again if we go to the lent service)
  • thursday: beef barley soup; sourdough
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: hamburgers (yay! for getting the grill out!); chips; carrot sticks
  • sunday: omelets; toast
  • monday: leftovers of some sort


  1. I didn't drop anything out of my pockets!!!

  2. Sounds good...your menu that is. Good luck on the budget! It's pretty freeing. :)



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