Sunday, March 1, 2009

meal plan monday

  • monday: mom’s mac & cheese w/ ham; peas & carrots
  • tuesday: chicken; rice; green beans
  • wednesday: dinner @ church
  • thursday: tacos
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: chicken noodle soup; sourdough
  • sunday: breakfast sandwiches; hashbrowns

the mac & cheese is carried over from last week because i forgot to put cream of celery soup on the list, but we had a ton of leftovers, so having 2 leftover nights was actually a good thing.  i’ve decided to give the lenten services at church a try this year… yes, it means driving to bellevue again, and yes, it’s a little late, but there’s dinner beforehand at 6, and if we bring jammies, the kids might just pass out in the car on the way home.  no-effort dinner and no-effort bedtime is definitely worth a drive to bellevue!

i’m excited because i only have 18 items on my list this week, which is AMAZING for us.  hopefully i’m not totally overlooking something really obvious.

be sure you keep reading the next post below, since i just posted it today and it’s a lot more interesting than my weekly meal plan!  =)

1 comment:

  1. I miss Wednesday lenten services at out old church! We'd all pitch in taking a day to bring a soup and a day to bring bread, and it wasmostly easy dinners on Wednesdays. I wish every church did that for lent.



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