Tuesday, March 10, 2009

meal plan monday (tuesday)

so i'm late doing this this week because i was unable to go to the store yesterday due to sick children. okay, well, i had the meal plan done, but not the shopping. i have no idea how that relates to my ability to post this, but somehow, it's my excuse.

monday: leftovers (done)
tuesday: tator tot casserole
wednesday: pork chops; rice; broccoli
thursday: chicken stew; sourdough
friday: pizza; green beans
saturday: meatloaf; mashed potatoes; peas & carrots
sunday: french toast; bacon

i did my grocery shopping today, and about fell over when the lady gave me my total before i swiped my safeway card. it was under $100, which almost never happens, and once everything got discounted, it was around $80! granted, dave stopped and picked up a few things yesterday (cheese, salsa, juice), but still, not that much. i do have the meat for the tator tot casserole and the chicken stew in the freezer, so that saves quite a bit. but i was so surprised because i had grabbed a few 'not-on-the-list' items that are quite spendy (chips, laundry stuff, tampons, kleenex) and it was still low! i guess that makes up for the family supply of tylenol we had to get yesterday. will it ever be spring??? these kids have got to get out more. i feel like i'm living in a petri dish! where's the disinfectant?!

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  1. It really does need to be spring, we need to get the kids to the park. I went to the mall today just to get out of the house, it took me an hour just to get motivated to leave because of the snow on the ground outside, it took 15 mintues to get the van warmed up and the ice off. (I was too lazy to scrape it)



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