Monday, March 23, 2009

has anybody seen my blogger mojo?

i think someone must have stolen it. 

seriously! i’ve had NOTHING to say for a week now.  me! nothing to say! i didn’t even know that was possible.

i have a few things on the back burners, but nothing really to post because it would require uploading pictures off my camera and for some reason, i can’t find the motivation to do it.  sure, i’ll dig all the grass and weeds out of the garden, but plugging a camera into the computer is just too much work.  geez.  well, at least my priorities are straight.

for once in my life…


  1. I was actually going to comment that I was wondering if you were still with us and then you put this up. It has been awhile. Good work on getting priorities in order now get those pics up... :)

  2. must be in the same place as mine. NO desire to blog right now at all. Funny huh? Good job I know you so I can keep in the loop with your life ;D



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