Friday, March 27, 2009

chirping birds and daffodils and grass, oh my!

spring is officially here now.  by the calendar and by the weather.  well, there was still frost on the ground yesterday morning.

i love spring.  it’s like the grandest reward for surviving winter.  i always said that summer was my favorite season, because i like warm weather… but dave called me on it a few years ago.  he pointed out that, even though i thought summer was my favorite season, i was wrong.

i get so excited when, still in the bleakness of winter, the daffodils start poking their green stubby leaves through the frozen ground.  even though, at that time, everything is still cold and seemingly dead – even getting snowed on – there’s hope!  another cycle of seasons is beginning and spring really is coming.

this is the time of year that i’m most likely to be involved in a traffic accident, i think.  i’m always pointing out things to my kids as we drive along.  “oh look! look at all that green!” or “OOOHHHH, that tree has flowers on it already!”

as i look out the window next to me, i can see my neighbor’s thundercloud and the branches are fringed in reddish-pink and i’m just waiting or that first pink blossom to burst open. i know it’s coming.  beyond that, there’s a cluster of bare-branched trees that seems to be polka-dotted from where i sit.  i know that those polka-dots will soon be leaves of a vibrant, neon green that only looks good on trees.  i can also see that it’s time to mow the lawn and bust out the weed whacker.  there’s a cluster of tiny little white flowers growing in the grass and i know the dandelions aren’t far behind, thus beginning my annual declaration of the most futile war known to man.  i had to open the window a few minutes ago, just so i could listen to the birds.  what an incredibly happy sound.

spring also brings baseball season!  go mariners!  i think the return of griffey to seattle is a good thing for us… we needed something that will sell tickets.  i’m still skeptical that he’ll stay healthy to play all year, but we can hope.  if nothing else, it’ll be great to see #24 back in the outfield.

this doesn’t really feel conclusive, but it’s time for this post to be done.  i have other things to do.  happy spring everyone!


  1. I agree! Spring is great! Especially this year, when the big boys are getting old enough to ask questions about why plants grow and help out in the flower garden, and hopefully help plant a veggie garden.

    BTW... The Cutest Blog on the Block has a new layout with a John Deere on it... made me think of Shane. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. As much as I agree about Griffey selling tickets and it being a good thing, I have issues with him, so I'm kind of "meh" about the whole thing.



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