Sunday, February 22, 2009

what we need…

this thing has been going around facebook and i think it’s so hilarious, so i decided to do it for my whole family…

  1. Rachel needs to refer to Web sites, manuals, and a variety of documentation.
  2. Rachel Needs Your Help
  3. rachel needs 2 get over herself and she needs 2 do it NOW!
  4. Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colourful.
  5. Rachel needs to throw more.
  7. Rachel needs some serious dosh for dental surgery.
  8. Rachel needs bigger car seat.
  9. Rachel needs to join the Original Jyter's Group.
  10. Rachel needs guidance and normal supervision.

and now…

  1. Dave Needs is on Facebook.
  2. Dave.[NEEDS A BAND].
  3. Apparently Dave needs pants.
  4. dave needs a bike.
  5. dave needs a shower.
  6. dave needs to use the facilities.
  7. dave needs work.
  8. dave needs a new home.
  9. Dave needs help walking through doors.
  10. Dave needs to make a pit stop on the way home.


  1. Shane needs to lay off the fatty foods.
  2. Shane needs more doing.
  3. Shane needs all our encouragement and support and a clean sweep of the Cashman regime, so once again he can create great music and perform at great shows ...
  4. Shane will need a family with patience and understanding and he will need time to adjust.
  5. Shane needs to avoid Chuck's fate!
  6. Shane needs a Wooby.
  7. Shane needs a defining fight.
  8. Shane needs to come in readily fit and mobile.
  9. Shane needs her happy ending!
  10. Shane needs strips.


  1. Layla Needs to Get Out of the Shelter!!
  2. Layla needs BW vibes and I need help for ??'s Dog Health issues and questions.
  3. Layla needs a bath.
  4. Lovely Layla Needs A Home In Dayton Ohio
  5. Layla needs her diaper changed.
  6. Layla needs a minimum of 2 hours of aerobic activity a day (not necessarily at one time).
  7. Layla needs a home.
  8. Layla needs to go for a long walk or jog every morning to keep her busy.
  9. Layla needs a tall glass of SHUT IT.
  10. Layla needs a lot of love to come out of her shell.


  1. micah needs to take better pictures
  2. Micah Needs Your Address!!
  3. Micah needs to read up on the scriptures of comedian ron white.
  4. Micah needs music to dance, so I provide some with my cell phone.
  5. Micah needs therapy, Claire needs clothes, and Ando’s a caffeine addict.
  6. Micah needs to shut his mouth and stop interfering with his investigation.
  7. Micah needs a place to crash for one night.
  8. MICAH needs a new bass player!
  9. Micah needs an accepted phrase that broadly covers all these near-alternatives to avoid the danger of confusion and delay in our meetings.
  10. Micah needs to holla @ me.

pretty funny… our needs, according to google.  i learned something interesting in this… layla is apparently a dog’s name.  who knew?

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