Tuesday, February 17, 2009

make it go away!

… the necessity of grocery shopping that is.

i cannot tell you how much i DON’T want to go grocery shopping right now.  i need to.  we will have nothing for dinner if i don’t, but i really REALLY don’t want to do it.  it should be done by now. it should have been done yesterday.  but it’s not.  why?  because of stupid mid-winter break!  i have this routine.  i make my menu plan and grocery list on sunday.  then on monday morning, i drop shane at his 9:00 class, and the little kids and i run to safeway before we have to pick him up at 9:50.  we’re already out, we have to get everyone buckled into carseats anyway, so we may as well get it over with.  it’s really not bad.  well, there was no class yesterday and therefore, shopping didn’t happen.  grrr.  we managed last night by shuffling the menu around and fixing sunday’s dinner.  as it was, i had to have dave bail me out and stop at the store for eggs, since i only had 5 in the carton.  but it was a good dinner, everyone enjoyed it and i got out of shopping for one more day.  i don’t think i’ve got another rabbit to pull out of my hat for today.


  1. My Rabbit in the hat is Orange Chicken from Costco, rice (brown if I think ahead) and a frozen veggie (normally broccoli)...everyone loves it so I don't feel so lazy! ;)

  2. Or you can eat out...kids eat free on a Tuesday at Ruby's =D

  3. Can I just say that I feel your pain? I haven't been to the grocery store in a few days either. Our rabbit last night was that the kids got McDonald's gift cards for V-day.



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