Friday, February 13, 2009

fillet of sole

so i sat micah at the table today to eat his lunch.  he had a plate of food, a fork to eat it with, he was buckled into his seat, and had shoes on his feet.  i left the room and came back to find him out of his chair, done with his food, and this scene:Picture 008   want a closer look?  i know you do…Picture 009    yes, that’s a fork IN the shoe.Picture 010          have i mentioned he’s a total houdini?  the straps are still buckled and it’s impossible to get them tight enough to keep him in.  but i’m loving that he left a shoe behind.  it’s so cinderella.

i’m kind of thinking at this point that i should maybe look inside the shoe, just to be sure he didn’t stash any of his lunch in there.

i’ve said it before, i never claimed to have normal kids.

at least he ate…


  1. You have to wonder what goes through their minds...

  2. That skill may become very handy later in life.

  3. He had to eat and run mom.

    And I always say I don't need anything, I shouldn't say that anymore, because I always go to the store and pick up something anyways. Like, I realized I can't make the pancakes without more Bisquick, I just can't think of a list on Sunday nights, all I want to do is get in bed and go to sleep.



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