Monday, February 23, 2009

meal plan monday

at the risk of pridefully congratulating myself on having already accomplished my grocery shopping this morning, i will simply say that i have been BLESSED by the return of my NORMAL schedule and am SO thankful… that sounds kind of bad, like i’m glad to be rid of shane (since i had identified him as my biggest shopping hindrance). really, it’s just the flaky person’s reliance on schedule to make things happen…

without further ado:

  • monday: navy bean & ham soup; sourdough (finally! i had to keep putting this off because the beans have to soak overnight and i kept forgetting!)
  • tuesday: leftovers
  • wednesday: loaded baked potatoes; salad
  • thursday: mom’s mac & cheese; peas & carrots
  • friday: pizza; beans
  • saturday: chili & cornbread
  • sunday: pancakes; bacon

Sunday, February 22, 2009

what we need…

this thing has been going around facebook and i think it’s so hilarious, so i decided to do it for my whole family…

  1. Rachel needs to refer to Web sites, manuals, and a variety of documentation.
  2. Rachel Needs Your Help
  3. rachel needs 2 get over herself and she needs 2 do it NOW!
  4. Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colourful.
  5. Rachel needs to throw more.
  7. Rachel needs some serious dosh for dental surgery.
  8. Rachel needs bigger car seat.
  9. Rachel needs to join the Original Jyter's Group.
  10. Rachel needs guidance and normal supervision.

and now…

  1. Dave Needs is on Facebook.
  2. Dave.[NEEDS A BAND].
  3. Apparently Dave needs pants.
  4. dave needs a bike.
  5. dave needs a shower.
  6. dave needs to use the facilities.
  7. dave needs work.
  8. dave needs a new home.
  9. Dave needs help walking through doors.
  10. Dave needs to make a pit stop on the way home.


  1. Shane needs to lay off the fatty foods.
  2. Shane needs more doing.
  3. Shane needs all our encouragement and support and a clean sweep of the Cashman regime, so once again he can create great music and perform at great shows ...
  4. Shane will need a family with patience and understanding and he will need time to adjust.
  5. Shane needs to avoid Chuck's fate!
  6. Shane needs a Wooby.
  7. Shane needs a defining fight.
  8. Shane needs to come in readily fit and mobile.
  9. Shane needs her happy ending!
  10. Shane needs strips.


  1. Layla Needs to Get Out of the Shelter!!
  2. Layla needs BW vibes and I need help for ??'s Dog Health issues and questions.
  3. Layla needs a bath.
  4. Lovely Layla Needs A Home In Dayton Ohio
  5. Layla needs her diaper changed.
  6. Layla needs a minimum of 2 hours of aerobic activity a day (not necessarily at one time).
  7. Layla needs a home.
  8. Layla needs to go for a long walk or jog every morning to keep her busy.
  9. Layla needs a tall glass of SHUT IT.
  10. Layla needs a lot of love to come out of her shell.


  1. micah needs to take better pictures
  2. Micah Needs Your Address!!
  3. Micah needs to read up on the scriptures of comedian ron white.
  4. Micah needs music to dance, so I provide some with my cell phone.
  5. Micah needs therapy, Claire needs clothes, and Ando’s a caffeine addict.
  6. Micah needs to shut his mouth and stop interfering with his investigation.
  7. Micah needs a place to crash for one night.
  8. MICAH needs a new bass player!
  9. Micah needs an accepted phrase that broadly covers all these near-alternatives to avoid the danger of confusion and delay in our meetings.
  10. Micah needs to holla @ me.

pretty funny… our needs, according to google.  i learned something interesting in this… layla is apparently a dog’s name.  who knew?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

vacations stink… and why i can’t grocery shop

so tuesday, i managed to dig around in my hat a little more and discovered a rabbit named papa john.  essentially, i shuffled the week again, and had our friday pizza on tuesday.  and, in actuality it’s something that was going to happen anyway because we were so excited about having the new papa john’s open up, but realized that we were not going to be home on friday (date night!!!).  SO, that was my excuse.

anyway, yesterday, i finally HAD to go.  i had been wondering if it was really so bad, or if it was just one of those things that i was building up in my head as awful and making it worse and worse every time i procrastinated longer.

i had to head to redmond, so i figured i’d go to the bella bottega qfc, rather than my usual stop at safeway.  that was my first mistake.  no, actually, that was my last mistake.  the first was not doing it sooner, the second was taking all 3 kids with me.  if it is possible to make grocery shopping with 3 kids WORSE, i did by going to this store.  the whole fiasco took like an hour.  why, you ask?  allow me to enlighten you.

first of all, i was in a new store.  i’ve been there maybe twice ever, so i don’t know the layout, i don’t know what aisles contain what, i don’t have my mental ‘map’ of where i start and how i proceed to finish in the quickest possible time.  there was lots of back-tracking and circling as i realized that i’d missed an aisle, or had gone to one end of the store, but forgotten something on the list that was back at the other end.  ugh!

second, i had shane with me.  one would think that having a 9 year old with you would be easier than the 1 year old or the 3 year old.  NO!  there are a couple of reasons for this that i confirmed yesterday.  1) he’d rather be somewhere else. 2) he irritates layla, making her very unpleasant. 3) HE ASKS FOR STUFF!!!! oh, i hate this!  the reason feeds into this…

third, i’m pretty sure i have a little bit of ADD. i’ve never been diagnosed or anything, but it’s pretty obvious.  i’m scattered and flaky, every report card i ever brought home made some mention of day-dreaming and neglecting to complete my work, i forget stuff, yada yada yada… so a big store that i’m unfamiliar with, a kid on my back (who would grab things off the shelf behind me if i got too close to it, and then was unable to reach behind me to get it out of his hand), a kid in the cart (who was introducing herself and her brothers to EVERY shopper and employee we passed… not to mention had a notebook and pen with her and was showing me every little drawing she made and asking me every 5 seconds, “how do you make an ‘s’, how do you make a ‘u’”…) and another kid who kept asking “can we get some of this, do we need this, i like this, please mom can we get some of that…” and picking up every package of chicken and ground beef in the case while standing there… “shane, stop touching all of the chicken.” “but i like chicken.” “do you also like salmonella?”  all of this led to me being completely unable to concentrate or even read my list for that matter.  seriously, i would look at the paper, and see words on it, but they would just swirl around and around and i had to make a conscious effort to block out everything and purposefully read the words i had written, figure out what they meant, and to formulate a plan for how to find that item.  aaaggghhhhh!!!!!

i know that all the parenting books and experts and all that jazz say to involve your children in the shopping and it will make it a lot more pleasant for you, entertain/educate them, blah blah blah.  that seriously isn’t an option for me.  MAYBE if i had only 1 kid with me and only a few things on the list… but i have a hard enough time figuring out how i’m going to do it myself, let alone somehow delegate things to the kids. 

so anyway, we finally finished the shopping and i felt like i needed a drink!  but it’s done, and next week we’ll be back to our normal schedule and i can do it the way i usually do and it’ll be much less painful!

needless to say, i’m already dreading the summer.  i hate that.  i don’t want to be one of those parents who feels the need to sign her kids up for stuff all summer long, just to keep them from driving her crazy.  so somehow, between now and then i’ve got to figure out how to manage all these normal things that i’m used to doing w/ only 2 kids, with 3.  AND, how to make shane and layla get along.  they are just horrible!  gas and fire, i tell ya!  i mean, really, i’d like to somehow have shane experience a miraculous change of heart and start actually loving his sister and thus treating her like he does… but in the meantime, i just need him to STOP poking and kicking and irritating and bossing her around!  he’s never been a mean kid and it just kills me to see him being so mean to her. 

so… that got long.  i’ll shut up now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

make it go away!

… the necessity of grocery shopping that is.

i cannot tell you how much i DON’T want to go grocery shopping right now.  i need to.  we will have nothing for dinner if i don’t, but i really REALLY don’t want to do it.  it should be done by now. it should have been done yesterday.  but it’s not.  why?  because of stupid mid-winter break!  i have this routine.  i make my menu plan and grocery list on sunday.  then on monday morning, i drop shane at his 9:00 class, and the little kids and i run to safeway before we have to pick him up at 9:50.  we’re already out, we have to get everyone buckled into carseats anyway, so we may as well get it over with.  it’s really not bad.  well, there was no class yesterday and therefore, shopping didn’t happen.  grrr.  we managed last night by shuffling the menu around and fixing sunday’s dinner.  as it was, i had to have dave bail me out and stop at the store for eggs, since i only had 5 in the carton.  but it was a good dinner, everyone enjoyed it and i got out of shopping for one more day.  i don’t think i’ve got another rabbit to pull out of my hat for today.

Monday, February 16, 2009

meal plan monday

here we go again…

  • monday: upside-down pizza casserole; salad
  • tuesday: chicken w/ black beans and rice
  • wednesday: navy bean w/ ham soup; sourdough
  • thursday: chicken quesadillas; beans & rice; carrot sticks
  • friday: pizza; beans (PAPA JOHNS IS OPEN!!!)
  • saturday or sunday: ham & cheese scrambles; hash browns

monday’s and tuesday’s meals are new recipes out of a cookbook i got recently, but haven’t used much.  i never made the navy bean soup last week because we had a bunch of leftovers that needed to be eaten, so it got bumped.  and we’re going to be going tubing either saturday or sunday w/ friends, so we’ll eat w/ them after.

now my challenge is getting to the store.  shane’s off this week, so i didn’t have my usual shopping time when he’s at his morning class, and i HATE taking all 3 kids with me to the store even more than i hate going to the post office.

Friday, February 13, 2009

fillet of sole

so i sat micah at the table today to eat his lunch.  he had a plate of food, a fork to eat it with, he was buckled into his seat, and had shoes on his feet.  i left the room and came back to find him out of his chair, done with his food, and this scene:Picture 008   want a closer look?  i know you do…Picture 009    yes, that’s a fork IN the shoe.Picture 010          have i mentioned he’s a total houdini?  the straps are still buckled and it’s impossible to get them tight enough to keep him in.  but i’m loving that he left a shoe behind.  it’s so cinderella.

i’m kind of thinking at this point that i should maybe look inside the shoe, just to be sure he didn’t stash any of his lunch in there.

i’ve said it before, i never claimed to have normal kids.

at least he ate…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


here are layla’s curtains!  actually up on the window!

Picture 003

Picture 001

i have to say i’m quite pleased with myself for actually getting this done.  but i have to give credit where credit is due… so thanks to my MIL for going to the fabric store w/ me and helping me with measurements and all that.  AND, thanks to debbie for letting me use her sewing machine and for ironing all the hems for me! 


Monday, February 9, 2009

meal plan monday… and idiot-proof shopping.

so last week was horrible in the ways of all things homemaking.  i think i made more mess and distress than home.  but i’m back on the wagon this week so here we go.

  • monday: ham, baked potatoes, green beans
  • tuesday: beef stew, sourdough
  • wednesday: soy chicken, rice, salad
  • thursday: meatloaf, fries, peas & carrots
  • friday: pizza & beans
  • saturday: navy bean & ham soup, sourdough
  • sunday: waffles, sausage

now here’s my gripe of the day:  how big of idiots do people think we are? 

a couple of weeks ago, i went to buy a pack of tortillas. i generally buy the soft taco size, since that’s usually what i’m using them for.  i was dismayed to see that they now sell them in 3 sizes; small, medium and large.  WHAT?  no burrito size?  makes them sound really authentic, huh?

today, i was at fred meyer and i needed a package of navy beans.  so i go to the bean aisle.  there were no navy beans.  there was something that i can assume is navy beans, but they’re called, “small white beans”.  seriously.  below them were “small red beans” and “large red beans”. 

what is that about?  have you ever seen a recipe that called for some sort of non-specified, generic bean?  so weird!

Friday, February 6, 2009

idiosyncratic kids, bad parenting, and the like…

here’s a random post for you.  a smorgasbord of tasty day-to-day anecdotes with no topic in particular.

HOW TO MAKE “D-CHEESES”  - just in case you find yourself in charge of my daughter around snack time.

i have no idea where she came up with this, or why it is called ‘d-cheese’, but if she asks for d-cheese, this is how you make it:Picture 494 Picture 495 Picture 496 Picture 497 Picture 498 Picture 499 the stacking is key! if you should, for some reason decided to cut one half and then the other half, you’re asking for it.  the two halves must be stacked and then cut. and all 4 pieces must be stacked on top of each other before handing over.  how she came up with this, and how i figured it out, i have no idea.

i never claimed to have normal kids.

BREAD ANYONE? the other night we had bread with dinner, but forgot to eat it. micah found it a little later and decided to have a little snack.

Picture 467 Picture 479 Picture 492 Picture 493           he was reaching into the bread and digging it out.  do you see the hole he put in that piece?

and finally, WANNA FEEL LIKE A GOOD PARENT? just be reassured by MY follies!

on sunday morning, dave was getting the kids ready for church and had a hard time getting micah’s shoes on him, so he decided to make a run to the mall after church.  the shoes he had, i bought in october and were a size 3.5.  they went into stride rite and had him measured again.  the shoes dave came home with were a 5!  but check this out:                               Picture 462 Picture 464

seriously.  child abuse i tell ya!  and it hadn’t even occurred to me that he might need new shoes some time soon.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

boy, does this ever make me feel stupid

i’ve never claimed to be the smartest person in the world, but i’m not exactly an idiot.  i went to college – for a long time, i haven’t exactly lived under a rock, i function well in day to day society, but lately i feel SO STUPID! why, you ask? because of one phrase i hear a lot of lately…

“in this economy…”

i just don’t get it.  i mean, i get the general idea of economics… buying, selling, investing, consumer trends, etc.  but what exactly is an economy, like as a noun.  and i don’t understand what makes it bad or good.

or maybe i’m just too poor to know when things are bad or good.

my dad was a stock broker originally.  his degree is in finance.  i grew up having the nightly business report and wall street week imposed upon me on a regular basis.  but i will NEVER understand the stock market.  how sometimes stock is worth more and sometimes less, how things lose value.  how money loses value, for that matter.  the whole idea swims around in my head in a big swirl of green and red arrows and dollar signs and 3 letter abbreviations and makes me crazy.  i just can’t wrap my mind around it.  i obviously have no investments.

and then now, we’re supposedly in a bad economy, it’s the fault of the president (that i will never get either), and major companies are laying people off.  there’s terms being thrown around like ‘downturn’ and ‘instability’ and ‘economic stimulus’. 

okay, i get the idea of the economic stimulus thing.  we got a check last year because of it.  so the government gives people money (their own) in hopes that they will go be good little consumers and buy stuff which will make the suppliers happy because people are buying their stuff.  right.

but now, major companies are closing or downsizing.  people are tightening their belts – i guess because they’re afraid of losing their jobs – and watching their spending.

so, the way i see it, people are afraid of losing their jobs, so they don’t buy stuff, so the companies that make and sell that stuff will not do well, and therefore have to lay off employees or shut down. 

does this seem like one of those proverbial chicken-or-egg scenarios to anyone else?  or am i missing something major here.  i must be, because i sure feel stupid a lot of the time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

vacation hangover GO AWAY!!!!

okay, well i got some of my list done yesterday, (and a little more of it done today). i did manage to get showered and dressed – although, now i need to do it again. the dishwasher got unloaded, reloaded, and run – twice! unfortunately, it now needs to be done AGAIN (sensing a theme here). i went to the meeting, i uploaded the pictures and posted them to facebook… still need to do a post here about the weekend. i went to the grocery store today and did some shopping. unfortunately i didn’t get the menu plan done or the list first, so i spent more than i probably would have otherwise, and i will have to piece together meals from what i bought and what we have. grrr. i’m really kicking myself about this now, but i was OUT, we needed stuff, and i figured i’d better do it then cuz i didn’t want to have to do it later. i picked up some of layla’s room but there is so much more to do and i did 4 loads of laundry yesterday (so i’m pretty sure dave is wearing clean underwear today) but there’s still a ton left. ugh, i hate it when i get behind. also MUST do the bathrooms today.

i still just want to sit around a knit. i didn’t even manage to pick it up ONCE yesterday. GRRR!!! hopefully i’ll do better today.

Monday, February 2, 2009

so much to do

ugh. i have so much to do today, and i don’t want to do any of it.  i’m tired and living that vacation/reality aftermath where you got all used to not having to do your normal stuff and now you don’t want to.

at any rate, this is what i have to do today:

  1. laundry, laundry and more laundry
  2. unload and reload dishwasher
  3. vacuum living room
  4. pick up layla’s pig sty bedroom
  5. meeting w/ shane’s advising teacher
  6. week’s menu plan
  7. grocery list
  8. grocery shopping
  9. shower and get dressed (preferably before the meeting/grocery shopping happens)
  10. upload photos of the weekend and post

all i really want to do is sit in a chair in my jammies and knit!  i wonder why?  ;-)


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